“Israeli” Spy Jonathan Pollard Released from Prison Under News Blackout


March 10, 2016 NA (Network America) e-wire


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(and related Campaign Update after this article)


I couldn’t believe it. A well informed friend of mine told me recently that super-traitor Johnathan Pollard (Jewish) had been released from prison last November 2015.


I couldn’t believe it. How could I have missed this? The tug of war to keep Pollard in prison – or to let him out – had gone on for decades – since 1985. Yet since he was released, there has been a virtual news blackout. This news blackout has been in the mainstream media AND in the “right wing” press, as far as I can tell.


Pollard had stolen more sensitive documents from the United States than any traitor-spy in the history of the United States. He had been in jail since 1985 – 30 years. He had stolen the sensitive documents and passed them to “Israel” – his real country of first loyalty. Yes, he had been born in the United States of America and had never lived in Israel. But, like almost all prominent Jews in America, Pollard was a citizen of Israel also. His US citizenship was just a means for him to do his part in parasiting off of the United States of America for what could benefit the country of his first loyalty, Israel.


I watch the news pretty closely, but I had not heard ANYONE or ANY NEWS OUTLET discuss this issue of the release of Jonathan Pollard circa November 20, 2015. (That’s about quite 5 months ago at the time of this writing.)


Yet a google search quickly revealed an article from the New York Times about Pollard’s quiet release:


About 10 years ago, mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu (pronounced Nut-and-yahoo) forgot the script on the O’Reilly Factor, in a period when Netanyahu was between his stints as “Israeli” Prime Minister.


Netanyahu told O’Reilly that Pollard had been in prison long enough and it was time for him to “come home” to Israel. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT? Benji – wasn’t Pollard supposed to be a citizen of the USA? Isn’t the USA the only place he ever lived before he got caught spying for “Israel”? Then what’s this business about Pollard coming home to Israel? Answer: Benji Netanyahu forgot the script for a minute. He actually let slip the reality that Jews in-the-know look at themselves as primarily Jews, NOT as primarily members of the nation they live in.


What Pollard did in stealing tons of sensitive documents from the USA for Israel’s benefit was the TALMUD IN ACTION. The Talmud (so called holy book of post-Christ Judaism) says that only Jews are fully human, and that non-Jews are goyim, or human cattle.


The Talmud says that it is permissible for Jews to kill and/or cheat non-Jews if they can get away with it. So Pollard was just doing what the Talmud told him to do, and what Netanyahu (our GREAT ally – HA!) found highly praiseworthy. (See the Documentation Menu Tab at LetFreedomRing2016.com for exhaustive sources documenting what the Talmud says.)




In a related story, the Big Media is trying to convince the nation that Talmudic minded John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, is going to “win” the Ohio Presidential candidate a few days from now, March 15, 2016.


Guess what Kasich did recently.


For the record, Kasich is NOT popular in Ohio, but is only where he is because he is a chosen instrument of the organized, worldwide Talmudic Jewish Shadow Government. There is NO ONE in politics in the USA more bought off than Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who has been made a multi-millionaire for his services to the forces of anti-Christ.


Kasich is so bad that he recently put a mini “Holocaust Memorial” on the grounds of the Ohio State House!!!!! Even some Jewish groups wondered out loud if this was going too far, and former State Senator Richard Finan of Cincinnati, Ohio resigned the commission to renovate the State House Grounds to protest this boot-licking move by Kasich.


In fact, “Holocaust Memorials” are pushed to impose an unjustified guilt trip on the American people – so that when Americans see clearly crimes being committed by the organized Jewish Network against America and the world, Americans are supposed to stay silent due to the “persecution” of the Jews.


In fact, the everyday Jews in Europe were persecuted by the top Jewish Banksters, who funded Hitler and the Nazis (many of whom were part Jewish at all levels) to round up every day Jews as an intermediary step to getting those everyday Jews down to Palestine for the takeover that happened in 1948, three years after Hitler and the Nazis disappeared from the world stage.


My YouTube video on this suppressed part of history has been banned in 11 countries in Europe and the Mideast – see the Documentation menu tab at LetFreedomRing2016.com, my official congressional campaign website. The video is the 3 hr, 6 min video under the Nazi-Zionist connection.



My campaign is airing round the clock Radio ads on Friday and Saturday (3-10 and 3-11, 2016) on WKRC and WLW radio to put into the minds of over 150,000 people that computerized election fraud is the KEY TOOL of the Election Night Gatekeepers to frustrate the will of the voters when Big Media propaganda fails.


These ads are trying to prevent computer election fraud FOR Kasich and AGAINST Trump on this coming March 15, 2016 – the date of the Ohio Primary.


The Big TV Networks are trying to prepare the public mind to accept computer-rigged results showing the despicable Kasich as the “winner” in the Ohio primary. Our ads are to alert the public that these computerized elections are easily rigged – and also criminal, illegal, and unconstitutional.


These ads say, “Here comes the computer election fraud against Trump” and that Ohio Governor John Kasich will not win the Ohio Presidential Primary “without massive computer votefraud perpetrated against Trump. Current easily-rigged computer elections are illegal, and a crime against the American people since 1988.”


I am hoping even this limited radio effort will dissuade the crooks who constitute the Election Night Gatekeepers from absurdly claiming that the creepy, bought-off Governor Kasich “wins” the Ohio Primary over Trump on March 15, 2016.


You can hear the actual radio spot on this page:




While the organized Jewish Shadow Government wants EVERY minute of air time (they would NEVER run my radio ads or radio shows unless they were forced to by the Reasonable Access Law, as explained at a menu tab by that name at LetFreedomRing2016.com), our side stumbles around like drunken children. Our side doesn’t seem to care whether ANYONE on our side gets OUR message out.


I’ve BEGGED people to run for office in their cities and run censorhip-busting ads like I run in Cincinnati, Ohio. But no one has done it. Yet tens of thousands of informed Americans who know what I AM doing – will not lift a finger to help me, for a variety of excuses.


And of ALL THE ORGANIZATIONS in the USA, there is NOT ONE but “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress” that has a COMPREHENSIVE and EFFECTIVE plan to take back America. Not the NRA, not Right to Life, not the Tea Party, not any leader or any organization. Their so-called action programs are either ridiculous, full of holes, or totally misguided. Even the Presidential candidates that want to do good NEED our action program if they want to succeed once they get in the White House.


See our “Action Plan” at a menu tab at LetFreedomRing2016.com.


Thanks to the generous donations from some of you, my campaign was able to pay for this Sunday’s 1-hr radio show at 2 PM EST, and 2/3rds of the cost of the 1-minute radio ads on Friday and Saturday which are NECESSARY to tell about 150,000 people in the Greater Cincinnati area, the Dayton area, the Columbus Ohio area, and much of central and eastern Ohio along the Ohio river — about the program. These 1 minute radio spots will also put in the minds of 150,000 people that computerized election fraud is what will be necessary to have Kasich “defeat” Trump in the Ohio Presidential Primary next Tuesday. (You can listen worldwide at our 1-hr radio program at 2 PM EST on 55krc.com; in the Greater Cincinnati area WKRC AM radio is at 550 AM on the radio dial.)


The strategy is that in both the radio ads AND in the 1-hr program, over 150,000 will be introduced to the possibility that computer-votefraud may be used to cheat Trump out of the Ohio primary. People are ripe to believe this extreme danger to our elections, even if the mainstream media and talk show hosts are NEVER allowed to discuss this subject. Suddenly it then dawns on people how we got Dole in 1996, McCain in 2008, and Romney in 2012 as the Republican nominees in those years.


Anyway, I am about $600 short of the money needed to pay for a two day run of these 1 minute radio ads. So, as I have had to do before at critical moments, I borrowed the money to get the job done, because it’s got to be done before the Ohio Primary, which is upon us. (I’m running the MINIMUM number of ads necessary to make a bit of an impact at the this crucial time when everyone’s paying attention to publicize how our country is being stolen by computerized votefraud. If we had the support, I would have run 5 days of saturation ads so that the message would really have been driven home to half the politically aware people in Ohio who listen to Talk Radio.


So, if you can, go to LetFreedomRing2016.com and make a donation so that we can pay back that loan, and get ready for the future. THANKS SO MUCH TO THOSE FEW WHO HAVE DONATED SO GENEROUSLY.


A flurry of one-time donations are what we are hoping for right this moment.


For the long run, we’re looking for 3000 people to sign up for the $10 per month recurring donation – from now until December 2016. (So far, one person has signed up for the recurring monthly donation program. We have to start somewhere!)


This would generate $30,000 per month, and we could really be able to fight this fight, as well as hire a full time, talented organizer to run NetworkAmerica.org and help people organize within their own county to overthrow the Republican and Democratic Party county organizations. Then we could change the Congress, restore honest elections, repeal all the unconstitutional laws, and issue money properly to correspond to this Age of Plenty that we all live in.


There is no other comprehensive program in the USA to take back America effectively, constitutionally, and peacefully. Again, see the “Action Plan” menu tab at LetFreedomRing2016.com.


Thanks again to those of you who have helped already, and have spread the word via social media.


Everyone into the Battle!


Jim Condit Jr.
Congressional Campaign website and email:



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