Listen & Help Me Air This Anti-Computer Votefraud Ad for Trump NOW


Listen to the Radio Ad, and help me air it to hundreds of thousands of people as they drive to and from work. Believe me, those running the Big TV and Radio stations don’t want us to have one minute of time to inform the public. But they must carry my ads as a congressional candidate thanks to the Reasonable Access Law.



My campaign needs $1000 to $10,000 immediately to run the below ad for the 1 Hour Radio Show to Air on Sunday, March 13, 2016 — TWO DAYS before the Ohio Presidential Primary. The show airs at 2 PM EST on 550 AM in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Listen worldwide on the internet at (There was also an hour show at this same time on Sunday, February 28, 2016, to be up on YouTube shortly, and there will be an hour show today, March 6, 2016 at 2 PM EST, also to be on youtube soon.) The station my 1-hr shows are airing, WKRC, airs Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey, Mark Levin, and Coast to Coast AM with George Noury on weekdays.

And we also need $$ to start organizing on a big scale to take back the nation via the Precinct Strategy at There is no other action program in the country that is COMPREHENSIVE if enough people participate.

Here’s the Script of the above Radio Ad:

1-minute Radio Ad Script for “Computer VoteFraud against Trump” Radio Show:
Announcer: And now, – the Radio Show. Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. For Congress 2016.
Condit: That’s what you’ll hear this Sunday Afternoon at 2 PM on 55KRC.I promise you one thing: I’ll be committing WAY too much free speech this Sunday.

Here comes the Computer Election Fraud against Trump. The press is floating that the despicable Goldman-Sachs puppet, John Kasich, is going to win the Ohio Primary. This is NOT going to happen without MASSIVE COMPUTER VOTEFRAUD perpetrated against Trump. Current easily-rigged Computerized Elections are illegal and a crime against the American people, since 1988.  And much more. Tune in.

Announcer: That’s 2 PM This Sunday, on 55krc.

Condit: Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress


To help, go to the Thermometer on the top of the right hand column on the home page of, — or go the tab, “Donate for What?”. The text of the radio ad is underneath this audio. Thanks to those of you who have already generously donated — but we need many more hundreds of you to step up if we are going to EFFECTIVELY fight this fight.

This is the ONLY comprehensive action program to take back the country. In ALMOST every other program you are wasting your time and money. 3000 recurring-$10-donors_monthly to my campaign, and 400,000 everyday Americans entering the Precinct Strategy at our website, — can take back the country. Even if we get a good President, he will NEED this precinct network to displace the current crop of shallow hacks, and support his agenda.

We also need thousands of one-time donors. The whole future of our country is at stake.

Read all the details of my campaign program under the tab, “Donate for What?” at

Everyone into the Battle!


Jim Condit Jr. for Congress
PO Box 11555
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 (Goes to


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