2022 Radio Ads & Shows

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Hear our 4th Radio ad announcing that Nicholas J. Fuentes will be the featured guest on our May 1, 2022 Sunday One Hour Show airing on Sunday, May 1, 2022 on 55KRC (550 AM):

(Please understand how this works: The Reasonable Access Law, passed and upgraded by the US Congress circa 1971, decrees that FEDERAL CANDIDATES (for US House of Representatives, US Senate, and US President (if on ballots in at least 8 states) who are legally qualified candidates have the right to run ads with any content they want (except profanity) and the FCC-licensed stations (TV, am radio and fm radio) can NOT censor or alter the content of the ad. This ad should have reached 1 million people but probably only reached 750,000 people because WLW (700 AM) illegally moved my primary evening drive time ad (circa 5 PM) to 6:40 PM, well out of prime evening drive time. We will be suing them over this in Federal Court — all you young followers of Nick Fuentes need to get on the ballot for Congress in the 125 media markets in the USA — and run whatever 60 second ad you want — make Nick Fuentes and Cozy.tv known NATIONWIDE. Below is the 28 minute segment of the entire ON AIR Nick Fuentes interview; coming any minute — the entire 60 minute interview I did with Nick Fuentes.

Here is the first 28 minutes of our Fourth One Hour Radio Show with Nicholas J. Fuentes of Cozy.TV — which aired on WKRC (550 AM) May 1, 2022.

Here is the entire 1 hour and 9 minute interview with Nicholas J. Fuentes

from which the 24 minutes which aired on WKRC am radio was taken

Here is the 2nd 28 minutes of our Fourth One Hour Radio Show with Christopher Jon Bjerknes, which aired on WKRC (550 AM) May 1, 2022 on the cooperation of the top Nazis and Top Zionist Jews to steal Palestine for Israel, which happened in 1948, three years after Hitler left the world state — which aired on WKRC (550 AM) May 1, 2022.

Full one hour interview with Christopher Jon Bjerknes from which the above 20 minutes was extracted for the Radio Show on WKRC (550 AM) radio which aired Sunday, May 1, 2022 at5 8 PM EST

Hear our First Radio Ad for the May 3, 2022 primary which ran on April 7, 2022 on 55krc (550 AM), mentioning Nicholas J. Fuentes and Cozy.TV – immediately below:

Our First hour radio show on April 10, 2022 can be heard live on the internet worldwide at 8 PM EST at 55krc.iheart.com (if you can figure it out), — OR you can listen here — our first 2022 1 hour radio show will be posted here, just below:

First Part of April 10, 2022 Jim for America – the Radio Show (28 min)

2nd Part of April 10, 2022 Jim for America – the Radio Show (28 min) – 8 1/2 minutes is Nicholas J. Fuentes, 7 1/2 minutes is Vincent James in this 2nd half of the show.