The Wife of Ted Cruz – and Today’s Radio Show at 2 PM EST on

The Wife of Ted Cruz – and Today’s Radio Show at 2 PM EST on


Turns out Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, is not only a Managing Director at Goldman-Sachs (on a leave of absence for the Presidential Campaign), not only a member of the CFR (Rockerfeller’s Council on Foreign Relations), – but also is one of 31 CFR members who was assigned to write an essay in the 2005 book, “Building a North American Community”.


By the way, according to Bloomberg News, Managing Director is the second highest category of position at Goldman-Sachs.


This book is promoting the next step towards World Government, as the North American Union (US, Canada, Mexico) would be our equivalent of the disastrous European Union.


Here is the first article which appeared on the internet about on the Heidi Cruz / North American Union connection, posted by columnist Lori Stacey:

Here is an another article on the subject of Heidi Cruz, Globalist: (I don’t necessary endorse everything on this website, but it’s a lot of good research on many things.)


Here’s another interesting article on the Cruz couple and this subject:


Elder Bush was “pro-life”, wife Babs was pro-abortion.


  1. Bush was “pro-life”, wife Laura was pro-abortion.


Ted Cruz is a Constitutionalist? And his wife, Heidi, is for ending American sovereignty???????????


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