Mask Mania/Covid-19 | 3rd Radio Ad & Show 9/20/20

Our third Radio Ad – Aired on WLW Sept 17, 2020! CLICK HERE to Download

Partial script: Take Those Masks off, you all look like idiots! About a week ago 4 million marched in Germany and Great Britain against the discredited face masks, any further lockdown, and forced vaccines … Bobby Kennedy Jr. spoke,but all this was BLOCKED from America by treasonous, diabolical Big Media Jews who control EVERY major TV and Radio station in the USA. The Covid death and infection counts are 90% lies to keep you in fear.

My special guest is Nicky Nelson, Activist, Researcher and Geopolitical Writer. Join us Sunday Night, September 20, 2020 at 10 PM EST on WKRC (55KRC/ 550AM) we will expose the occult MASK beat down meant to manipulate you into giving up your freedoms for your new status as a Communist slave.

Below is the Full Show as originally recorded for 9-20-20 for WKRC at 10 PM: 

CLICK HERE to Download the above show – you’ll need to right click and “Save as”

However, the Last segment in the above recording will be aired on Sunday 9-27-20 on WKRC at 10 PM EST, rather the last segment in the 9-20-20 show was replaced with the one below. Here is that segment, which is the candidate, Jim Condit Jr.’s, overview of the world situation in light of the Covid 19 strategy, which the organized Communist Jewish Shadow Government is using to try to bring the world under Communist tyranny.

See the Covid-19 Misinformation page that contains many sources and references from the show by clicking on the post below.

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