Jim Condit Jr. For Congress 2020

ALERT:  As of 9-24-20 Jim Condit Jr. for Congress’ Radio Ads and Shows were suddenly and illegally censored by iHeart Media’s 700WLW and 55KRC, after signed contracts, money was paid in advance and the shows and ads were aired for 3 consecutive weeks. This is in direct violation of the Reasonable Access Law, which guarantees that Federal Candidates can buy airtime on FCC licensed TV & Radio Stations.
UPDATE: We have filed two informal objections to these station’s licenses and also filed a Formal Complaint with the FCC; see www.openlettertothefcc.com to read these objections and complaints… they are page turners and we are still fighting!

Scroll Down to hear our dynamic 2020 Big Talk Radio Ads and Shows – AND for the short Brother Nathanael Kapner Video: “The Jews Who Own the Media”

Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Radio Ads and Radio Shows CENSORED by iHeart Radio

2020 Election Fraud News

Addressing COVID-19 Misinformation

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We aim to inspire action as exemplified below!

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Our Radio Ads and Shows for 2020!

Mask Mania/Covid-19 | 3rd Radio Ad & Show 9/20/20

3rd: My special guest is Nicky Nelson, Activist, Researcher and Geopolitical Writer. We address Mask Madness, Covid-19 Misinfo, the pre-planned Plandemic & Deadly Ventilators

Beat Down on White People | 2nd Radio Ad and Show 9/13/20

2nd: My special guest Pete Papaherakles, co-author of the book “America’s Racial Powder Keg”. We discuss the beat down on white people and white civilization by the media Jews.

Deep State Run by Anti-American Communist Jews | 1st Radio Ad and Show 9/6/20

1st: Jim introduces himself and discusses the “Deep State”, as Sean Hannity refers to it, which is run by anti-American billionaire communist Jews who are using Covid-19 and their big media to transform our free country into an inhumane dictatorship.

Jewish Shadow Government Control of our Media

Brother Nathanael specifically names these media owners in his famous video: The Jews Who Own the Media” –  4-min video:

Suggestion: Watch these two media control videos together.

Fake News Killing Millions

Top 10 Staged Media Events – Shocking information!


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