Charlottesville – What Really Happened – You’ll Hear From Three Who were There

Charlottesville – What Really Happened – You’ll Hear From Three Who were There – October 28, 2018 Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Radio Show on 550 AM and or iHeart App at 10 PM EST

Here’s the recording:

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{NA} Charlottesville – What Really Happened – You’ll Hear From Three Who were There – Radio Show on 550 AM and or iHeart App at 10 PM EST

Charlottesville, whatever it started out as – is now a major “psyops” against the people of the United States, and especially against white people.

So tonight we’ll have three people who were in Charlottesville on the line, one of which should be Jason Kessler, who was one of the organizers. Another will be Matt Parrott of Indiana, and a third will be Dr. Q (Kiumars Kiana) in studio with me.

The last 10 or 15 minutes I will thank and dismiss these guests so that I can make some “intemperate” remarks on what happened this week with regards to the non-exploding bombs and the shootings at the Pittsburgh Synagogue. I will take total responsibility for these comments, and do not want the others to be blamed for what I say, in case they don’t agree with everything I will say on these sensitive subjects.

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