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FIRESTORM! My Last Radio Ad Causes Uproar from WLW Hosts and disgraceful Cincinnati Enquirer

November 4, 2018 NA (Network America) e-wire

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{NA} FIRESTORM! My Last Radio Ad Causes Uproar from WLW Hosts and disgraceful Cincinnati Enquirer. I’ll cover it tonight.


Here is the text of my last radio ad which ran all day Thursday, November 1, 2018 on WLW radio and WKRC radio:

“Go to @RealDonaldTrump on Twitter to see the mind-blowing crowds. —– Meanwhile Democrats can’t fill the foyer to a Pizza Hut. ——- These massive Trump crowds are the real polls, not the fake lying polls put out by the Big TV networks, all controlled by Billionaire Communist Jews.

“These same anti-American billionaire Communist Jews, like George Soros, also direct the three Computer Election Vendors which have connived their way into counting 95%+ of our votes on their secret computer programs – with no effective checks and balances.

“Since they can’t confiscate our guns, they fix close elections if they think they can get away with it. If they DARE to publish computer results that pro-life Marsha Blackburn loses in Tennessee, or that Pelosi democrats win congress, ———– you will know it is blatant computer election fraud.

“See you Sunday night at 10 PM on 55krc. JimForAmerica.com, paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.”


You can hear the ad at JimForAmerica.com, now placed as the first radio ad under the 2018 Video at the top of the home page.

One ad per hour ran on WKRC and WLW between 6 AM and 3 PM.

The shadow government strategy at all levels to ignore anyone on our side if they think that will work. When they realize it won’t work, they go into attack mode.

With my ads being heard by hundreds of thousands of people multiple times on WLW alone, and over 1 million people once, — they decided they had to attack.

They were complaining on air on WLW that so many calls were coming in that they could hardly run the station. Bill Cunningham, nationally syndicated on Sunday night to about 500 radio stations, but based at WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio railed about how I do this every two years – like I’m some kind of a petulant, disobedient child. They explained on air that they couldn’t prevent or alter my radio ads, since I was a federal congressional candidate, or they could lose their station license (True!).

And it was suggested that “how dare I” run radio ads attacking “Jewish Communist Billionaires, like George Soros” who are warping our country’s destiny – within one week of the reported shootings at the synagogue in Pittsburgh.

And the absolutely, disgraceful cover up operation known as the Cincinnati Enquirer, a newspaper being kept artificially alive, ran a hit piece on the radio ads on myself. It is probably still somewhere linked on the front page at Cincinnati.com – and the attack appeared in the hilariously shrinking print edition on page 5A.

I’ll answer these attacks and much else tonight, in the last part of the show which airs on WKRC-AM radio (550 AM) or 55krc.com online, or on the iHeart app, — as well as wrap up the nine week radio show series.

For the first 20 minutes or so, my guests will be John Brakey of AuditElectionUSA.org and Jeff Liberty of WatchTheVoteUSA.com on the important FOIA (Freedom of Information ACT) requests to Boards of Elections for paper ballots and the photographic images made from those paper ballots, which they are in the process of making. These ballots and ballot images are election evidence which are public documents which must be made available to the public, and must be preserved for at least 22 months after an election by federal law, under penalty of felony, i.e., jail and stiff fine.

This is a critical area of activity which is exposing the deplorable, illegal, and unconstitutional election system in place everywhere in the USA except 5 counties in New Hampshire and perhaps a very few other small venues.

The reason the local shadow government went ballistic is because WLW reaches well beyond a ninety mile radius and is listened to by many in small towns in the Midwest where there is no big radio station. This reaches about 1/10 of the country geographically. 300,000 people heard these ads a few times, and over 1 million people heard one of the ads at least once.

It’s not reaching the whole nation, but it’s what we could do with the resources we had.  (Thanks to everyone who helped.) WKRC, the station my 1-hr radio show appears on, reaches about a sixty mile radius around downtown Cincinnati.

Most of the one minute ads are up under the main video on the top of the homepage at JimForAmerica.com – and all of them should be up soon, if you want to hear them.

Many of our radio shows are posted at JimForAmerica.com (my congressional website) in the menu tab “video-blog”, including the show on Dan Borden, the 20 year old political prisoner in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the show we did last week on Charlottesville with three people who were there. Eventually all radio show videos, as well as a lot of short videos will be appearing on our new video-website, RealNewsRealAction.com. Most of our radio programs have been videotaped in the WKRC radio studio.

Very few see the vision of what could happen in the next two years to shake up the national conversation if we attracted 3000 ten dollar monthly donors behind our action program (see 2018 video at the top of JimForAmerica.com). Likewise, very few grasp the vital importance of the Precinct Project.

Everyone into the battle!


Jim Condit Jr.


JimForAmerica.com (congressional campaign)

RealNewsRealAction.com (videos)


Anti-Semitic ad on WLW and KRC sparks outrage. Federal law prevents stations from censoring candidates

Warning: Some may find this audio offensive. Audio of the Jim Condit Jr. radio ad that has been aired on Cincinnati AM radio stations. Taylor Jade Powell, tpowell@enquirer.com


In the early morning on Thursday, Cincinnati’s WLW began airing an anti-Semitic campaign ad in which a candidate spouted conspiracies involving “billionaire communist Jews.”

Then the complaints started rolling in. The AM radio station faced a threatened boycott on social media.

The station has no choice, said Scott Reinhart, program manager for WLW-AM and 55KRC-AM.

Federal law prevents stations from refusing candidates ad time, even if the ad is racist or anti-Semitic and aired in the days following the massacre of worshipping Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

“We can’t edit it,” Reinhart told The Enquirer.  “We really don’t have much of a choice. The only way people can do something about that is to write the FCC and change the law. We don’t like carrying it.”

Penalties for preventing candidates access can include a station losing it’s license, according to the Federal Communications Act. 

So that’s why WLW listeners nine times on Thursday morning heard an ad from Jim Condit, Jr., a candidate for Congress running in the 2nd Congressional District, the seat currently held by Brad Wenstrup, a Republican from Cincinnati’s Columbia Tusculum neighborhood.

Condit, 65, of Green Township, is on the ballot under the Green Party ticket, but the Green Party has disavowed him.

He’s run in different congressional districts in different parties. In his prior campaigns, he has denounced “Zionist” control of world politics and alleges Jews played a role in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. (Those attacks were conducted by the al-Qaeda terrorist group.)

In his latest ad, Condit rails against “fake lying polls put out by the big TV networks, all controlled by billionaire communist Jews.” He also slams billionaire investor and political donor George Soros, a common target of right-wing conspiracy theorists.

The ad touts the “massive Trump crowds” that greet the president while “Democrats can’t fill the foyer to a Pizza Hut.”

Condit said he bought time for the ad to play 26 times on WLW-AM and 55KRC-AM from Thursday to Saturday. It aired Friday during Sean Hannity’s radio show on 55KRC-AM.

He also bought an hour-long ad space Sunday night a 10 p.m. on 55KRC-AM. He estimated he had spent $7,000.

Condit told The Enquirer he doesn’t mind the backlash.

“I’m not going to complain they don’t like it,” Condit said. “Politics is controversy.”

Almost immediately after the ad aired on WLW, the phone began ringing at the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

People were concerned over the ad, said Jackie Congedo, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council.

“We realize there are certain First Amendment protections that radio stations have to abide by as it relates to political advertisement,” Congedo said. “At the same time, when people talk about Jewish conspiracies, that is anti-Semitism. We’re encouraged people are disgusted by this.”

The ad is airing less than a week after a mass shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue killed 11 people. Authorities say Robert Bowers, 46, stormed into the synagogue in the affluent Squirrel Hill neighborhood shouting hate for Jews and killing worshipers in a 20-minute attack.

But this ad is offensive no matter when it aired, she said. She hopes people can use the ad to at least teach people what anti-semitism looks like.

“I think it’s a teaching moment for people,” Congedo said. “I would hope that when most people hear “Jewish conspiracy,” that is a direct anti-Semitic dog whistle. I think there’s an opportunity to help people understand what anti-Semitic speech looks like. This is a classic example.”


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