Charlottesville Unite The Right Rally – What really happened

Jim Condit Jr. interviews Rick Borden, Dan Borden’s father, a decorated veteran & retired combat pilot on Sunday, 10-14-2018 on WKRC-AM radio (same station that carries Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity during the week.) Dan is still in jail a year after the Charlottesville (Virginia) march for defending marchers from Antifa attacks. Attackers got ZERO jail time. It might be a good idea to look at the video near the end of this article (the video under Shocking Video in red) before listening to the radio show immediately below.

(L) Dan Borden was 18 Yrs Old and (R) Deandre Harris, 20 Yrs Old when August 12, 2017 Charlottesville march took place

(Note: The quality of the recorded interview below improves and becomes clear at 1:38)

Dan Borden has been in jail for over a year and is still facing 6-10 years in prison while Deandre Harris did no jail time and ended up raising $165,000 during his Go Fund Me campaign when in fact he and his violent friends started the fight in the first place by assaulting peaceful protesters at the Unite the Right Rally. (Go Fund Me blocked a fundraising page for Dan Borden.)

The reason the Antifa mob was able to attack the peaceful marchers was ONLY because the Charlottesville Police were ordered to stand down by the far-left Democratic Mayor and Governor. The police effectively ceased keeping the protesters separate from the demonstrators – and reportedly were funneling the opposing groups together, forcing the Unite the Right folks to come into direct conflict with the armed Antifa gauntlet.

In the middle of a confrontation where numerous members of both sides were in the same place, Dan hit the back pack of Deandre Harris with a board – in reaction to Antifa attacks on marchers, such as 69 year old attorney, Harold Crews. The couple of blows to Harris’s full back pack hurt no one.  Dan is not the one who inflicted the injuries to Deandre. It must be remembered that young men on both sides were on high alert with a lot of adrenaline flowing. Dan and the others present could clearly see that the situation had escalated into a major attack on his fellow marchers, as indicated by the already referenced attack on Harold Crews and the other young man in the white helmet who was chased down, beaten and is seen lying as if lifeless on the ground in the below video.

The image below shows violent Black Lives Matters/Antifa counter-protesters, specifically Deandre Harris’ friend Corey Long, who was seen earlier in the day with a homemade flame thrower, attempting to steal attorney and marcher Harold Crews’ flag while pulling him into the armed mob.

Cory Long with his homemade flame thrower assaulting Unite the Right rally participants, who had been intentionally funneled by authorities into Antifa rioters.

Deandre Harris comes from the back and strikes Harold Crews with his tactical flashlight before Dan Borden and other Unite The Right protesters come to his aid and to try and stop the attacks on the man in the white helmut lying still on the ground. See the videos further down showing what really started the fight in the first place.




Shocking video footage below – not shown on the main stream media, clearly shows that the Unite the Right rally folks were coming to the aid of their fellow marchers who were being assaulted and in grave danger.

Deandre Harris, the Flashlight, and GoFundMe Refunds?
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Published on Oct 18, 2017
“So many questions. With video evidence now surfacing that dramatically enhances the Deandre Harris narrative in Charlottesville, will GoFundMe be slammed with requests for donation refunds?”

Deandre Harris and friends before they attacked the Unite the Right folks

While the evil Ruling Elite want to get all different racial groups at each other’s throats — we should resist falling for this ploy. But the above comment is a very logical attitude when the rule of law is trashed by authorities, such as the Mayor of Charlottesville and the Governor of Virginia, resulting in black people doing the bidding of these crypto-Communists are given carte blanche to attack peaceful marchers, while the white marchers are absurdly convicted to long jail sentences for defending themselves from potentially fatal violent attacks. The worst aspect of all this is that the violent attackers were enabled by the Charlottesville Police, who stood down on orders from the local authorities in Charlottesville and the Governor of Virginia.

UPDATE on what has already happened to other peaceful marchers (marching with a legal permit) being persecuted for defending other marchers against the violent attackers, unleashed upon them by the “stand down” order given to the Charlottesville police from Virginia elected officials.

Alex Ramos, 34, and Jacob Goodwin, 23, were found guilty of malicious wounding in their attack on Deandre Harris.

Jacob Scott Goodwin, a 24-year-old from Ward, Arkansas, received an eight-year prison sentence, with two more years suspended.

In a separate hearing, Charlottesville Circuit Judge Richard Moore handed down a six-year sentence to 34-year-old Alex Michael Ramos of Jackson, Georgia. Ramos, was a member of a militia group called the Georgia Security Force III%. Ramos also faces three years of probation that could be converted to more prison time if he violates the terms of the supervised release.

The hearings for Goodwin and Ramos were the 2nd and 3rd felony sentences handed down in cases coming out of the weekend of August 11th and 12th 2017.  A Maryland man, Richard Wilson Preston, was sentenced to four years in prison.

Story developing . . . to be continued . . .


  1. the black kid spent his gofundme on a used Mercedes & was later charged being in possession of a LOADED ar style rifle in said car . A noble enlightened man of colour 2B sure . same ‘ol same ‘ol

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