Reaching Millions

Reaching Millions with Suppressed and Hard to Find Truths

For those whose ideas are shut out by the traitors who run the “mainstream media” — the only affordable way to reach millions of people is to become or support a federal candidate (for US Congress, US Senate, President), raise or donate money for a candidate promoting your ideas, and buy or help your candidate buy radio ads on the largest FCC-licensed AM & FM Talk Radio Stations. Every radio ad ends with an easy to remember website, through which listeners can find a whole new world of information.

For more information about how this works if you become a candidate, see our Reasonable Access Law page.

Become an Affiliate Fundraiser! Earn at Home — While Spreading Truth

Help “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress” Alert America through Info-Ads on Big Talk Radio Stations while Earning $$ at Home! — Help Americans Organize to Take Back the Country via the Precinct Strategy while Earning $$ at Home!

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