My Congressional Campaign is the Missing Ingredient in the 2016 Presidential Campaign


In fact, if 99% of the American people don’t hear the messages of my congressional campaign upcoming, then they have no way in the world to figure out what it going on, who is doing it to them, and, most importantly, how to TAKE ACTION NOW to defend themselves and their children against the Moral Monsters that have grasped control of the top of our country in NYC and Washington D.C.

There is no other place in the national landscape, other than my campaign, where the people can learn this information and these strategies. And the public-at-large is not going to learn this information unless every already-alert pro-constitution, pro-bill-of-rights American helps me with time and/or money (go to “Donate to What” on the menu at to REACH the people at large through the Reasonable Access Law over major media. But that means a lot of concerned Americans are going to have to GROW UP QUICK and face political reality.


While it hasn’t happened yet, Speaker of the House John Boehner had announced a few weeks ago that he will resign on October 31, 2015, — but now says he may stay on longer, presumably until the disgraceful sell-out RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) like himself can get in another “surrender everything when it really counts” Speaker of the House like himself.



Insurgent Candidates Will All Fall by Computerized Votefraud FOR SURE without my Congressional Campaign; If you help me get the Message out, we MIGHT get a Fair Count


When Boehner actually resigns, a special election will be called for the 8th District of Ohio, and after that time I plan to announce my candidacy for the US Congress in that district.

So, as we move forward, our Campaign website needs to be updated in light of the new realities, so please be a bit patient.


For now, I am hoping that there are at least 3000 patriots and concerned Americans out there that realize that I am the only candidate at any level in the USA enunciating a realistic victory for the entire nation, as well as telling the people many key things that the Big Media is hiding from them, and that apparently other candidates are not willing to talk about.

It’s late in the game for our America, so I have to tell it like it is: my campaign provides the MISSING INGREDIENTS for the 2016 campaign, even at the Presidential level, even though I am only running for one congressional seat. The best of the Presidential candidates will benefit from my campaign, and that will be starting soon.

If you already know why I am the most significant Candidate in the country at any level, then please go to the “Why Donate” link at the top of my Campaign website, – and make a one time donation, OR a recurring donation of $10 per month (which will last from the month you sign up until December 2016, the month after the November 2015 election; you can discontinue at any time).


If you do not know why I am the most significant candidate in the USA in the 2016 election cycle, then please “listen and learn”:

a) is up and running after being only a vision for 10 years! (Thanks so much to our working Team!)

Every concerned American in the country can sign up RIGHT NOW at Network America by state and county, and then meet others willing to run for precinct in their county ONLINE, and then meet other precinct candidates in their county IN PERSON. Then precinct winners in each party can attend the county organizational meeting (in their chosen party) a month later, and AT THAT COUNTY ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING — (which most Americans don’t even know about) — kick out all the disgusting county party leaders of the GOP and Democratic party, and replace them with good leaders devoted to Liberty and the Bill of Rights.

Once the current party chairmen are replaced, then we can change the Congress, change the policies, and save the nation. NOTE: We are losing the country because we do not about the county party meetings, and therefor we are NOT at the county party meetings in our counties, which take place usually around June of the even years in most counties.

This is not a difficult system, but few will take the twenty minutes needed to understand it. And few are willing to step out of their comfort zone to act in the precinct strategy. Everything’s explained at the website and on our Tuesday nite conference call. The tool is now there, no excuses! Go to and sign up. You can talk to anyone else in the system, no gatekeepers.

No other candidate in the nation has publicly created the concept for such a strategy, nor enunciated such as “total victory” strategy that is REALISTIC for almost every American to actually DO.

With, we could take the nation back within 2 to 4 years. But that’s not all.

b) I am the only candidate teaching fellow Americans what the Reasonable Access Law is, and urging them to use it as candidates.

As a congressional candidate, I have used, and I am using the Reasonable Access Law to force censorship-busting messages into the Big Media on the largest AM radio stations right in the middle of the most listened-to shows such as Rush, Hannity, and Glenn Beck. With your help, millions of Americans will hear these censorship-busting messages driving to and from work:

— that all major media in the USA is controlled by one group: anti-American, Talmudic Jews who intend to enslave and engineer the killing of millions of Americans in a Trotskyite Communist nightmare, if they are not stopped. This take on WHO CONTROLS THE BIG MEDIA — is not a “conspiracy theory”, it is documented in the Jewish controlled Big Media itself. We are indebted to Nathanael Kapner, himself of Jewish heritage (but now converted to Christianity), for pulling together this blockbuster documentation, see this page:

Here are some of the Big Media outlets controlled by this group of Talmudic Jews: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP, NYT, and iHeart radio (formerly Clear Channel).

If you don’t know what the Talmud is, it’s the so-called Jewish “Holy Book” used in 99%+ of the synagogues in the world, compiled after the coming of the Christ, which is actually in part a crime manual against non-Jews. To get a feel for the Talmud, see this article, item h):

This bunch of Media traitors have been destroying America and the world for 50 years via their brutal censorship of information Americans need to know, and we must demand that these Media Moguls be arrested, tried for treason, subversion, and corruption of minors, — and then punished to the full extent of the law.

SO — now that former Congressman Jim Traficant is gone, why am I the ONLY candidate on the national landscape to be raising this issue in public? If this was ALL I were doing with my campaign, then this message would be worthy of support from not only 3000 Americans, but from 300 million Americans. But that’s not all.

— That the terror attacks of 9-11 in 2001 were wholly perpetrated by agents of the organized Jewish Shadow Government within the USA government, and the coverup was conducted by their tribesmen in the Jewish controlled big media.

These attacks were done as an act of war against the United States, and the world, to trick the USA into 50 years of wars in the Mideast to knock over Arab governments for the eventual expansion of the Rothschild “state of Israel”, and for Rothschild-Bankster-“Israeli” domination of that region of the world, AND to begin to impose a POLICE STATE here at home under the guise of the contrived “war on terror”, which is really a war primarily on the American people by this same Ruling Elite.

See this page and listen to the two speeches documenting how the organized Jewish Shadow government perpetrated 9-11 as a false flag operation, blaming their deadly deeds on 19 young Moslems and a man in a cave in Afghanistan (if that’s even where Bin Laden was):

Again, arrests, indictments, convictions, and executions are needed against the culprits.

There are a few other candidates talking about the 9-11 false flag in public, but as far as I know none of them are telling the public, who did it, and why. But that’s not all.

The next three items will be communicated to the public via my campaign’s radio ads, but each is so important that I’ll return to the lettering system:

C. Contrary to what the Big Media repeats ad nauseam, our money problems can be solved within months by ending the US Congress’s disastrous agreement with the Federal Reserve Board, and implementing American National Credit, found on the internet as “Social Credit.” While the name “Social Credit” is a hard sell in the USA (because it sounds like you’re going to say “socialism”), the system is almost 100 years old, and is actually the antidote to both Vulture Capitalism on the one side (as we have now in the USA thanks to the Vultures on Wall Street) AND Socialism/Communism on the other side.

As Pope Pius XI taught in 1931, when a country’s wealth is concentrated too much at the top in the hands of a greedy ruling elite that abuses the everyday people, then those everyday persons begin to listen to the siren song of Socialism and Communism. And that explains the big crowds that Socialist Bernie Sanders is getting on the Democratic side. Bernie is railing against Wall Street, but remember that he is yet another member in good standing of the organized Jewish Shadow government. He is screaming about his fellow Jews running Wall Street, but is delivering you into the hands of those running Socialism and Communism, which has always been the Jewish Banksters behind Wall Street, and their allies. (See the first pages of the 1972 book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen, among numerous other documented books.) And remember, then Congressman Ron Paul regretfully revealed how Senator Bernie Sanders, who had pretended to want to help Dr. Paul’s efforts, pulled the rug out from under the efforts to audit the FED in the Senate. See here:

So American National Credit (or Social Credit) would solve our economic problems by issuing money to equal, as close as possible, the goods and services available in the country. And new money would be issued INTEREST-FREE to the people directly in the form of a national Dividend, based on the productivity of the country. Money would no longer be issued from the International Jewish Banksters to the local banks to the businesses (in the form of loans) so the business can pay the wages to the workers. This system is OUT DATED by about 100 years, since the time that Henry Ford perfected mass production circa 1904, which was then copied in many areas of economic life. And now we have computers not even envisioned by Ford or C.H. Douglas (the formulator of Social Credit), and here come robots, which McDonald’s hopes to utilize to make the food in its restaurants within 10 years.

We live in an Age of Plenty, but the financial system being imposed on us and the world by the International Banksters is 100 years out of date, on top of the fact that they are skimming trillions off the top to try and take over Europe and the rest of the world. This is the Talmud in Action. YOU and YOUR CHILDREN are to have no property and are to own nothing (because the Talmudic Jews look at you as animals, human cattle [goyim], not fully human). You are to live on a giant Commune like mere animals, hence, Commune-ism, i.e. Communism.

In the meantime, the top Talmudic Jews want billionaire status for themselves, while they exploit you and your children on the giant Commune. This is the meaning of 6 million foreclosed homes in America in this Age of Plenty. This is the meaning of the top Jewish Banksters exploiting the workers of Mexico and China as slaves or at near slave wages, which has been going on for decades, instead of helping these nations rise in this Age of Plenty. This abuse of mankind is the Talmud in Action, and it must be stopped now.

I’m told by those who study these things seriously, that the dividend to each American over 25 years old would be $1600 per month. Then we would have enough money in the pockets of us everyday people to make the economy go, and begin to get the average American and the nation as a whole OUT OF DEBT.

Some say, understandably, that sounds like FREE MONEY. But is it? If you had a rich uncle who died and left you a trust fund that sent you a $1600 check every month, would that be free money? In a way, yes. But it happens all the time.

As Americans, OUR RICH UNCLE is all the people known and unknown who have built civilization over the past 6000 years of recorded history. Our Rich Uncle is Johannes Gutenburg (printing press, 1440), Thomas Edison (light bulb in 1889, audio & video recording), Steve Jobs (computer advancements, 1880) and all the thousands and thousands of known and unknown inventors and innovators that preceded this generation, and that are even creating more wealth and innovation in this generation.

That’s the “Rich Uncle” that made us so rich — that led to this Age of Plenty. So how are you going to distribute the new money needed to reflect all this wealth? By letting a few abusive, trillionaire Banksters issue it in secret as the FED now does? Or distribute new money (issued against the goods and services available) in the form of a dividend to all the nation’s people over 25 years old. Pope Pius XII approved a committee to study Social Credit which circa 1939 declared that Social Credit was not socialism, because there is no centralized planning and no one is told how to spend whatever dividends are justified.

If there is a third way to issue new money into circulation, please, someone stand up and tell us what it is. As for between letting the Banksters issue it from on high with great interest in the mix, or issuing new money WITHOUT INTEREST directly to the people from a transparent National Credit Office in the form of a dividend – there seems to me no contest. (All money could be backed by silver, gold, or whatever the Constitution requires.)

Money is, in one sense, a representation of the real goods and services in existence. American National Credit (Social Credit) demands that money (the symbol) represent the real wealth (the real goods and services) in existence, and represent it faithfully.

More could be said, but those new to this subject see “The Money Myth Exploded” by Louis Even and “This Age of Plenty” by the same author, both free on the internet.

D. I am the only candidate demanding an end to the unconstitutional, illegal, secret computerized counts 99% of US counties are using each election. The open conspiracy of the VoteFraud Syndicate is breathtaking. Please see this article for a more comprehensive treatment of this earth-shaking subject, and the solution:

For now, the only reason that all the establishment news commentators can sneeringly and arrogantly proclaim that the insurgent candidates (Trump, Carson, Fiorini, Rand Paul) will fade and disappear is because they know that the Big Media and the votefraud syndicate can make it happen by phony polls, easily-rigged, secretly counted computerized elections, and lying publicity. IF, IF, IF you as a concerned people don’t help me reach the American people with this ONE issue — then we will get another Bush/Clinton clone and things will proceed as “business as usual”. Keep watching for more on this issue soon. But that is not all.

E. We’ll treat Health Freedom. But that is not all.

F. And we will for the first time address the war on the white race being waged by the organized worldwide Talmudic Jewish Shadow Government, which I have never addressed systematically in the past. There has been an all out covert effort by the elite Jews since World War II to inundate all white countries with third world peoples.

This is the meaning of the ruthless bombing of the people of Syria, which is being used as an excuse to point millions of third world men of color towards Europe and the USA. This is nothing less than an invasion and an attempt to eventually eliminate the white race from the face of the earth (the idea expressed by some in the Ruling Elite) or to reduce white people to such a minority that they will have no influence anywhere. White people have a glorious history and have built the vast majority of what we know as civilization. White people have been the purveyors of Christianity. White people have created 95% or more of the major inventions which people enjoy today. White people ended slavery (still today being practiced in parts of Africa!).

We need to relocate these millions of third world people to the “state of Israel” so they can enjoy the diversity that they want us in the predominantly white countries to enjoy. It is time for white people to band together and stand up for ourselves, our heritage, and our history. To the brainwashed, SNAP OUT OF IT, this position is not anti-black, anti-Hispanic, anti-oriental, or anti-anything else. Or white people the only people who are not allowed to organize for their own interests? If you think this, you are in deep brainwashing by the Jewish Media. Snap out of it.

In fact,in this Age of Plenty, we can work with the third world peoples in all countries to help them rise economically, and rise quickly. Then the ebb and flow of peoples will happen naturally and over time — NOT in the sneaky, aggressive invasions that the Top Jews are engineering against all white countries as you read this. At least Trump is speaking out against this obviously engineered invasion. As a candidate, I will point out what is happening to the American people.

So, with how far ahead I am of all the other candidates put together at any level in the USA, if you take the stands I take, what is your reasoning for not making a one-time donation, or a recurring donation to Jim Condit Jr. for Congress — right now?

Go to, click the “Donate for What” link at the top of the page, and help me reach the people with these messages.

Everyone into the Battle!

Jim Condit Jr.

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  1. God bless you Mr. Condit and may God bless all those who in good faith work to support and promote your campaign and agenda. Your agenda appears to be very well thought out. Your analysis of things is truly superb. Your campaign and agenda obviously demand great courage and perseverance to carry out, but let us never forget that with God all things are possible! Ora et labora! Pray and work! AMDG — Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

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