Hear This Week’s Radio Ad; Total Victory Strategy: On Air on 50,000 Watt Radio Station for Next Six Weeks

(For audio of Radio ad, scroll down a few paragraphs.)

You can listen worldwide to my series of SIX 1-hr radio programs which will air for the next six Sundays at 2 PM EST worldwide on 55KRC.com — and on WKRC AM for the Cincinnati, Ohio area. This is the station in Cincinnati that airs Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Dave Ramsey.

It is important that we confront the enemies of our nation ON THE PUBLIC RADIO AND TV STATIONS, not just on the internet, where people are already awake. The lack of public presence for those who understand the ORGANIZED shadow government we are facing — makes it looks like we do not believe in our own cause, or that the other side is SO POWERFUL that we are afraid to face them in the public arena.

Under the Reasonable Access Law, FCC-licensed Radio and TV Stations must air my 60-second radio spots and 1-hr programs on Sunday afternoon. The law requires these stations to do that because I am a legally qualified Congressional Candidate.

Right now I’m running for the Special Election on June 7, 2016 for the 8th District of Ohio, the seat John Boehner vacated in late 2015. And leading up to this Special Election day my 1-hr radio shows are running at 2 PM EST on the Sundays of May 1, May 8, May 15, May 22, May 29, and June 5th. IF I can raise the money, we will run radio 60 sec radio ads in each of these weeks advertising these 1-hr programs. (I am also on the ballot for Congress for the regular November Election this year.)

While the 1-hr Sunday programs reach between 5000 and 20,000 people over the AM radio dial — there are tens of thousands of cars on the road from 2 PM to 3 PM on Sunday afternoon in the 70 mile radius around Cincinnati, Ohio, and many of these cars are tuned by habit to WKRC-AM — a potentially “unlimited” amount of individuals could also be listening worldwide on www.55krc.com.

BUT, the 60-second radio ads during the week, when running on WLW (700 AM) durin drive time REACH BETWEEN 150,000 and 300,000 people!!! Everyone of my radio ads directs people to a website where an entire NEW WORLD of information can open up to them.

Here you can listen to this week’s radio ad. Earlier posts on LetFreedomRing2016.com carry the radio ads we have run in earlier weeks this year. Here’s this week’s (advertising May 1, 2016 1-hr radio show) 60 second radio ad:

I’m doing my part. What are you doing in this Election Year of 2016 to stand up for our country against the evil behemoth of organized forces trying to catapult our country towards chaos and high-tech enslavement?

We are not only getting out censorship-busting information, vital to our country’s redirection, but we have a TOTAL VICTORY PLAN around NetworkAmerica.org — where the framework exists for 400,000 Americans, or more, to sign up THIS WEEK and prepare to peacefully and constitutionally overthrow the opportunists and traitors running the Democratic and Republican parties at the county, state, and national levels.

While there should be a congressional candidate who is speaking out against the FED-Goldman-Sachs Shadow Government in EVERY major US city, and airing censorship-busting radio ads which lead people into ORGANIZING at NetworkAmerica.org — as far as I know there is only one other person doing this in the USA in this year of 2016, and that’s Nicholas Landholt of west Texas who’s running for Congress on the Libertarian ticket with an emphasis on revitalizing the “well-regulated” militia as demanded by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, and getting rid of the IRS. Again, since there are 120 big media markets in the USA — there should be a censorship-busting congressional candidate running in every one of these major Media Markets. Such candidates should be airing censorhip-busting radio ads over 50,000 watt Radio stations AND should be directing individuals to organize with others in NetworkAmerica.org.

ANY good Presidential candidate will need a well-organized network of citizens from coast to coast to support a pro-American agenda. Here’s what YOU can do, realistically, from your computer, in THIS ELECTION YEAR of 2016:

a) Join our “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Working Group” Facebook group and spread the information I will put out on this website on facebook and through you email contacts;

b) Sign up at NetworkAmerica.org by state and county. The “hard core” group within NetworkAmerica.org is “Team Traficant”, in honor of the late Congressman Jim Traficant.

c) If you can afford it (and many of you can) make a one time donation to “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2016” at LetFreedomRing2016.com — and/or, better yet, become a recurring monthly $10 donor. I am seeking 3000 concerned, alert citizens to donation $10 a month by our recurring, online donation system. This would generate $30,000 per month to BUY RADIO ADS to alert the public what CNN and FOX are hiding from them — and to hire organizers for NetworkAmerica.org, which should get constant attention as we build 3000 county leaders, and 50 state leaders. With such support, we could truly “shake up” the country in the best sense.

d) Direct people to our nationwide conference calls as soon as they start, which will be soon.

Scandalously and disgracefully, most of the Ron Paul supporters from 2012, and just about everyone else, has basically given up, and are sitting at home doing nothing, or are merely passing bad news around the internet, or are restricting themselves to yelling at the bought-and-paid for puppets like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, begging these opportunists and traitors to do things they are not going to do — instead of working to replace them like we are trying to do via NetworkAmerica.org.

If there’s somebody sitting on a multi-million dollar fortune out there, I would implore such a person to pump $300,000 to $1 million into NetworkAmerica.org so that we can fight the Moral Monsters with their trillions of dollars which they are using to animate the “New World Order” dictatorship effort.

Look at Russia when the Communists struck in 1917 — in a few weeks nobody’s money was worth anything anymore, and they were all Communist slaves. So, if you are such a person, do something while there is still time.

I am the only leader, however minor, that has a comprehensive plan to take back America. While I’m only running for Congress, this Total Victory Strategy is a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN.

You will either DO something to help this Total Victory program, or you will be all but totally irrelevant in this election year of 2016. Even if you are doing something good on one or two issues, THE OTHER SIDE CONTROLS ALMOST EVERY POSITION OF POWER IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY, and we must go straight in to DISLODGE THEM from controlling the levers of power in our country.

My associates around the country and myself often say we feel like we’re fighting the Marines of the other side with Fifth graders on our side. Our side is stumbling around like DRUNKEN fifth graders, while the other side, few in number, continue to make tremendous advances thanks to their control of Media, Money, and the easily-rigged computerized election systems. Such vast amounts of control allow these Moral Monsters to find opportunists and/or traitors right down to the local level.

So, Act Now. Make a donation to “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2016” at LetFreedomRing2016.com so we can air censorship-busting radio ads and radio shows, while directing people to organize at NetworkAmerica.org — and sign up by your state and county at NetworkAmerica.org to being organizing with us right now.

And consider joining our “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Working Group” on Facebook. I’m trying to be out here on the front line for you, our chldren, and our grandchildren.


Jim Condit Jr.



  1. Hi Jim; I would love to help get out the vote for you to replace the retiring John Boehner. Our Paleo chronology Group are actively trying to get out the vote nationwide so as to prevent Hillary winning. We plan on doing this by energizing conservative, practicing Christian voters by giving them something to cheer about = dinosaurs living with man while feeding the Republican presidential nominee the same information and convincing whoever it is to talk about it. But it must get a head start and maybe your show could be the impetus to make Republican leaders and the Hannity and Rush Limbaugh’s sit up and take notice.. Thus when Republican politicians follow suit as they see others doing it to get the Christian votes they will start talking about the need for transparency in government research and education – freedom of inquiry in the fields of science and origins. They can refer to the immense implications noted in our web site as a WAKE-UP CALL to defend the Earth due to the 2000 x more risk of an asteroid impact than NASA projects. http://www.dinosaurc14ages.com that you will find on our web site. The censorship will stop once they realize just how serious the implications are to the survival of our Earth and the people on it. Those who oppose the evolutionary hypothesis will rejoice that at last there are politicians out there who care enough about transparency in research and education that they will get out and vote and not stay home. Christians need a champion.who will speak for them and not the elites in Universities and government.. The establishment has ignored our request for a hearing in DC on our data and serious implications. Again I ask you – take a look at our web site http://www.dinosaurc14ages.com ..and look at the mixed reactions by the scientific community under Publications. Some of them are beginning to take notion based on the fact that our abstracts have been accepted by the AOGS in Singapore in 2012 and 2015 and at the AGU in San Francisco in 2014. Again, one way to to get the ball rolling is to get on your radio program and let the folks know about the lack of transparency and dumbing down of our kids with evolutionary fables instead of real science. I am your friend and coordinator of the Paleochronology (Paleo) Group. A friend of mine told me of your show and suggested I contact you as we do know each other. I’m also a science adviser to the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation since 2000. Hugh Owen and I have been together in Singapore in 2012 and 2015 as well as to SF CA. in December of 2014. .

  2. Are you on every Sunday at 2? Where can I access an archive of the these radio programs? I only caught the one today with Bollyn. I want to listen to the previous 4. Thanks!

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