2/28/16 at 2pm EST Jim Condit Jr. Live on 550 AM WKRC

Today, Sunday, Feb 28, 2016 at 2pm EST Listen to Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Live on 550 AM WKRC !!!

You can LISTEN LIVE World-Wide on the Internet at www.55krc.com

If you’re in the Cincinnati area – LISTEN LIVE On the radio at 550 AM WKRC !!!

From the criminals at the FED imposing a CASH FAMINE on the world in this age of plenty, the unbelievable 6-million figure of the WWII Holocaust to who’s really behind the war to  make white people a minority in Europe & the USA.


Jim breaks through the gatekeepers on big talk radio! Don’t miss it!

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Subjects to be covered include:
• Who’s behind the all-out war to make white people a minority in Europe and the USA?
• After this show, you won’t be able to believe the 6 million figure for the WWII Holocaust anymore.
• We’re living in an age of plenty, but the criminals at the FED have imposed a cash famine on the USA.
• We can have a robust economy for all if we issue money properly.

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