Brett Baier, Other Commentators on Iowa, NH

Brett Baier on Fox News during his Special Report program said (paraphrase): “The polls are saying Ted Cruz is surging in Iowa, but I was on the ground and it doesn’t feel like it.”


Numerous other commentators keep emphasizing that Iowa Caucus goers and New Hampshire primary voters are TOTALLY unpredictable and often COMPLETELY change their minds at the last minute.

TRANSLATION: When the Iowa GOP alters and falsifies results on the night of the Iowa Caucus at the state level to favor one of the Ruling Elite’s pre-selected boys (like Romney in 2012, Dole in 1996), or when the easily-rigged computers in New Hampshire, South Carolina and beyond tell us that some establishment flunky has “won” over the insurgent candidates that seems to have all the popular support — then you dumb Americans are supposed to believe that this was “the will of the voters.”

In fact, computerized primaries and elections are determined by about 30 powerful people in NYC working around National Election Pool (owned by the five TV networks and AP; formerly known as Voter News Service) which is solely in control of the announcement of the national winners on all election nights.

The 4 or 5 mega-vendors (Diebold, ES &S, Hart, etc.) who have been hired by the 3200 counties are simultaneously making the “results” come true — via direct access to the county computers via hardwire, cell phone, and satellite technology — disgracefully allowed by the county officials. Local county officials sign a contract out front that they (the election officials) are not allowed to see or inspect the vendors’ private software in any way. In other words, they subversively agree NOT TO LOOK AT the secret software which tells their computers what to do on election night, thus totally abdicating their public responsibility. (If there are “recounts” when the election has been falsified by the election vendor hired by that county, then the vendors themselves come in to “prepare” the ballots — read: switch the ballots to make the published computer “results” come true).

As I understand it, votescam investigator John Brakey of Arizona has proven the manipulation of the algorithm of the computer software in several key precincts during the 2004 election. Bev Harris uncovered damaging software information accidentally left for public inspection on the internet by Diebold in 2000.

OF COURSE, the main point is that these elections are processed in secret, on easily rigged software.  Bev Harris showed this to Howard Dean on CNBC after the 2004 elections, which video, I believe, is in the documentary, “Hacking Democracy.”

In the 1996 Iowa Caucus, the Iowa state GOP HQ in conjunction with the 5 Big TV networks and AP, were caught red-handed cheating Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan out of 13% out of his vote in Dubuque County, Iowa, the only county that was being watched. The Des Moines Register finally acknowledged on circa January 19, 2012 that credible participants in that 1996 Iowa Caucus felt that Buchanan, not Senator Bob Dole, actually won that Presidential Caucus. (See “A House without Doors” on for this vote theft.)

And, of course, in 2012 the Iowa GOP state HQ was caught before the whole world FALSIFYING the winner on Iowa Caucus night 2012.

While Watch the Vote USA is trying valiantly to alert the nation to this state of affairs, and restore transparent, honest elections, this subject seems to be off limits for the Big Press, and also effectively off limits for political candidates of all time.

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