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Section 1:

is our sister website which complements, and even goes beyond, this documentation page.

and . . .

7 Positive Principles to organize the Precinct Strategy Around to take back the Country for Constitutional Principles. I endorse this group, but they don’t endorse my campaign, or any other other candidacy at this time, as far as I know. (Nor have they endorsed in past years.)

Section 2: Action Plan: The Precinct Strategy

the Website where citizens can join together RIGHT NOW to take action via the precinct strategy: REPLACE the Democratic and Republican Party Leaders at the GRASSROOTS LEVEL, the county level.

Once the party leaders at the county level are changed to pro-liberty patriots instead of Goldman-Sachs stooges and puppets, then the Congress, the White House, and the entire government can be changed and brought back in line with the true freedoms of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — from the local to the national level.

Along the way, the “well-regulated militia” referenced in the 2nd Amendment could be restored (see articles by Dr. Edwin Vieira at and all anti-constitutional judges from the Supreme Court on down could be impeached and replaced.


How the Precinct Strategy Works Towards Taking Back the Country Peacefully and Constitutionally:

The Strangest Political Secret — 11 minute video, found on Youtube, and here (watch first 11 min, 35 sec):


and at http://www.NetworkAmerica.orgSee 6 minute video on home page about why the Precinct Project is THE strategy – as well as several recent success stories (Boone County, Ky and Warren Count Ohio), or watch it here:.

Another Key part of the Strategy to take our country back:

Reasonable Access Law: How Congressional Candidates and their supporters can get their messages on FCC-licensed Radio and TV stations without Censorship. See tab above on the menu. Booklet coming soon; for short summary, click here.

Section 3: Protecting Your Family ln Case of Civil Breakdown –

CLICK HERE FOR AMAZING FREE PREPAREDNESS COURSE — The time has come to store some water and storage food for your family in case of a crisis, whether caused by man or sent by God. Experts recommend also a backup generator for power at your house, as well as burning wood for if all the power goes out. A portable water purifier, like the Berkey is also necessary if you want to purify rain water or even dirty pond water. Sam’s Club has storage food and 4 or 5 gallon water jugs. Other good sources of storage foods and supplies are the companies and products advertised on and Also, the excellent survival books by Tom Brown would be good to have on hand, which explain, among much else, what plants, etc. you can safely eat around your house and neighborhood if things get really bad. So consider getting “Tom Brown’s Guide to Wilderness Survival”, and his other related books.

Section 4: Health Freedom:

which is at


— Vaccine Safety (even the Center for Disease Control admits that one in 68 children now have some form of autism – as compared to one in 10,000 circa 1960don’t let anyone vaccinate your baby unless they will sign a paper that they will pay for all of your expenses related to autism if your baby becomes autistic within two years of the vaccine. And, make them sign a paper that there is no mercury preservatives, or any other poisons in the vaccine they want to give to your child. And don’t let yourself be  bullied by one of these Doctors who try to belittle you for being concerned about the proven connection between modern vaccines and autism. See the Health Freedom Section at linked above.)

— Circumcision: Don’t mutilate your Baby Boy by modern circumcision
(Click here for Tasteful Treatment of this Issue)

Important discussion on circumcision with Tim Hammond of hosted by Stefan Molyneux of


Eating Protocols to try and heal from Cancer, Diabetes, and other serious ailments (see below for quick summary)

When considering the information on this page regarding your health, it is always recommended to be in touch with a health professional, but perhaps choose an M.D. who is OPEN to the writings on nutrition of such MDs as Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Robert Lustig, etc.

Health Options

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer? Consult as part of your research for Dr. Richard Schulze’s “The Incurables” Program, or, google the Gerson Institute.

For one option on diabetes: “The End of Diabetes” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and his related Recipe Books. Quick summary: when you are trying to get your blood sugar down to a fasting number of 100, limit your diet for 8 to 12 weeks to:

a) purified water

b) big salads with low-sugar, health conscious dressings (like Annie’s, or Bragg’s or Pesto dressing as found at the restaurant: Piada – Italian Street Food)

c) steamed vegetables, especially greens (use seasoning to make it taste good)

d) seeds (like Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp seeds, Sunflower, Sesame, Chia)

e) nuts (especially almonds and Walnuts)

f) beans – it turns out beans are the key to keeping full on this “dreadful” diet; many put some kind of hot sauce, like Sriracha Chili Sauce, and some kind of seasoning on the beans to make them taste like something other than mush in your mouth :-).

g) many advise a good B-12 supplement, a vitamin D-3 supplement, and a fish oil type supplement during any vegetarian phase, long or short.

h) not recommended as ideal by Dr. Fuhrman, but permissible to eat meat and fish very sparingly. However, it is the consensus of most responsible nutritionists that meat and fish take so much energy to digest that they are best avoided altogether when trying to heal the body of serious ailments, especially cancer. (Dr, Fuhrman and hardcore Vegans recommend that eggs and cheese also be avoided in the healing phase, especially when trying to heal from cancer.

Note: There are a number of good cook books for the vegetarian based healing diet, such as:

Eat to Live Cookbook: 200 Delicious Nutrient-Rich Recipes for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Reversing Disease, and Lifelong Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

The Fat Chance Cookbook: More Than 100 Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes to Help You Lose the Sugar and the Weight by Dr. Robert Lustig

For obesity, overweight, and diabetes, see the documentary “The Skinny on Obesity”, one part of which is below with Dr. Robert Lustig (author of the book, “Fat Chance”, and related Recipe Book),  Learn about the new discovery of the hormone Leptin.


The PH Miracle — book by Dr. Robert O. Young, the first 40 pages explain that we must maintain a relative acid-alkaline balance in our body. Layman’s Summary: Case histories are included. It is difficult for cancer or any other disease to take hold and grow in a body in acid-alkaline body. All foods are acid-producing or alkaline producing. All the foods most people love, such as meat, fish, candy, bread, pasta, etc. are acid-producing foods – and Americans are eating 70% acid-producing foods when they should be eating 70% alkaline producing foods. Alkaline-producing foods are vegetables, many fruits, and so on. See this book, or Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, “The End of Diabetes”, or Fuhrman’s book, “Eat to Live”. Note: The PH Miracle, and all of Fuhrman’s books, and many other of this type of books, ultimately advocate Vegan eating, which means no meat, no fish, and no eggs, no animal products. Almost all of these books ultimately say to go “Vegan, or almost Vegan, i.e., little meat and little eggs”. While the Vegan diet may work for some, it does not work for most people in the long run. So acid-producing foods, like meat and eggs, etc., should make up about 30% of the diet once you “get healthy”. However, when you are trying to actually heal from cancer, diabetes, etc. – you almost must avoid meat and fish to give your body the best chance to heal, as it takes TREMENDOUS energy to digest these foods, especially meat.

Juicing to alkalize the body – The ideal body PH balance (acid/alkaline balance) is 7.35 according tomany experts. If your body goes too acid (below 7.35), you become more and more vulnerable to ailments, and then serious disease (maybe 6.8 and below).

Get a Jack Lalanne Juicer, or other Juicer, and make 16 oz or more of fresh juice everyday.

The Gerson anti-cancer drink, good for everything, is: celery (one bunch makes about 8 ounces), one or two carrots, 1/3rd of a cucumber, one lemon, one or two granny smith apples. You can also use kale & spinach. If trying to reduce blood sugar to normal range, some use only celery and one lemon as the ingredients. Spinach and kale or other deep green vegetables can be added in any time. A top green powder like David Sandoval’s “Scoop of Greens” (Purium Products) is also good.

If one is trying to heal from cancer, the Gerson Institute recommends a masticating juicer (Breville or Tribest Green Star) as opposed to a centrifugal force juicer (Jack Lalanne), as the heat generated by the centrifugal force juicer kills some of the enzymes.

Some prefer to use a Nutribullet which preserves all the pulp as well as the juice. If using the Nutribullet you need far less ingredients than you do for juicing, say one piece of celery instead of an entire bunch of celery. – get the DVDs “Eating” and “Healing Cancer” – cancer is an enzyme problem. Juicing carrots, celery, granny smith apples, and a lemon each day will keep your immune system up. Juicing daily is a pain, but better than hearing one day you have cancer, etc. — Dr. Schulze — yearly cleanses for your filter organs – especially the colon; If someone is really sick and wants to fight for his or her life – Dr. Schultze’s “The Incurables” program is the best – you can do it at home; if a person is rich – they should go to the Gerson Institute in California. The Gerson movie, “A Beautiful Truth” is on youtube in 9 parts or so; but it is not as good as “Eating” or “Healing Cancer”. I am not a vegetarian as these folks are, but if I had cancer I would follow their ideas, which dovetail with the programs of the Gerson Institute and Dr. Schulze. There are many videos by Dr. Schultze at – the Gerson Institute – they also have books and guides to try and heal at home. They will also counsel you by phone.

MMS (Master Mineral Solution) discovered by Jim Humble — there is also a youtube featuring Jim Humble and this discovery here:


— excellent 74 minute video on MMS and fighting pathogens on Master Mineral Supplement or MMS

Section 5: American National Credit (historically called “Social Credit”):

(short video coming soon)

Quick Explanation followed by clarifying comments:

— 1. Money is a ticket, issued by a trusted source, which is accepted as a medium of exchange for goods and services. It is best to have paper money backed by gold and silver or other real commodities in case a crash of the paper currency happens, although this is not necessary for the exchange of goods and services in “normal, or non-crisis” times. For instance, the dollars used in the United States have not been backed by gold and silver since 1972, but hundreds of millions have used paper money and electronic money to exchange goods and services since that time.

— 2. In the USA, the Constitution empowers the US Congress to coin and regulate money. In 1913, the Congress unwisely delegated the power to issue money in the USA to a private company, The Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank has issued money in secret, and with heavy interest to the United State government and the people of the USA – a situation that could not be more absurd. The Federal Reserve’s role would be ended, as is provided for in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The FED would be replaced by a National Monetary Office which would operate in the light of day, would issue money without interest to the people of the United States and the United States government. This National Monetary Office would be audited by five or six organizations, both in and out of government, to insure transparency and honesty. Those systematically falsifying data would be put in jail for 20 years, with no hope of parole. Those auditors who proved the fraud would be awarded with a large sum of money, such as $1 million for their patriotic services. Honest accounting is essential to any economic system, especially to American National Credit (Social Credit).

— 3. The  National Monetary Office would calculate the available goods and services available in any given time period (like quarterly) and money would be issued (or withdrawn) to about equal the goods and services available. This “availability of goods and services” would be about equal to what is now called the GNP.

— 4. New money would no longer be restricted to coming for the National Bank (now the FED) to the local banks to the business to wages, or to welfare and unemployment checks.

— 5. Under American National Credit (Social Credit) new money would be issued directly in the form of a Dividend to each adult citizen (perhaps everyone 25 or older, so that young people have incentive to strive and make the most of themselves in the best years of their lives, as they grow up to become 25 years old).

— 6. Credible people who study this system tell us that right now a $1600 Dividend would be issued to every adult in the USA 25 years old and older.

— 7. This Dividend would fill the current GAP. The GAP is the difference between the $16 trillion which constitutes the GNP (Gross National Product) of the USA, and the $9 trillion that is in circulation in the pockets of the people. The $1600 a month, or whatever dollar amount is scientifically determined to fill the gap, to each adult 25 years and older would fill the gap and put enough purchasing power in the hands of the people. The only reason the treasury exists is to issue the proper amount of money. “The duty of the Treasury is to issue currency and credit in sufficient supply to meet the needs of commerce and industry.”

— 8. The Dividend, and a few other techniques of American National Credit (Social Credit) would allow us to bring an end to welfare and unemployment and social security.

— 9. The Dividend represents the embarrassment of riches we have in this Age of Plenty. This Age of Plenty was brought about by machines, mass production perfected by Henry Ford circa 1903, technology, computers, and now robots. All of these inventions mean that we need less and less of the available work force to provide the goods and services necessary for everyone to live. This situation will only get “worse” in the future as more and better inventions and technologies are developed. This is actually something to be celebrated, not feared or criticized.

— 10. While the extreme Libertarians may not agree, something could be required by the government for receiving the $1600 monthly Dividend, such as going to one class a week. That class could be to learn how to grow one’s own food, learn how to eat healthily, or learn survivalist skills. Or history. Or plumbing. Etc. Etc. Etc. Those teaching such classes would receive a modest fee from those attending, thus providing employment for the teachers, and valuable life skills for the attendees. This required class idea is not necessary to the implementation of American National Credit (Social Credit).

— 11. Is the Dividend free money? Yes and no. It is free money to those receiving it. It is as if you had a great Uncle who left a trust fund for you. After the Uncle died, you were informed you would get $1600 a month for the rest of your life from this Trust Fund. You did not earn the money, but your great Uncle did earn it.  — Our rich Uncle is Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison, and Nicola Tesla, and Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk, and all of the tens of millions of our ancestors and contemporaries who have developed all the little inventions and innovations that we take for granted in the modern world. All of mankind has an equal right to this heritage (not to the money of the inventors and businessmen, but a right to the common Heritage that has come down to us from our ancestors).

— 12. As it turns out, there are only two ways to issue new money into circulation. One is to let the national and international banks continue to issue all new money into circulation. The other way is to issue new money into circulation via a Dividend to each adult citizen.

13. The Dividend would be issued interest free. There would be no central planning or regimentation (therefore, this system is not socialism). Each citizen could spend his or her dividend each month as he or she pleased.

14. The dollar in the USA would be tied to gold, silver, and perhaps eventually other forms of tangible assets in case of paper currency collapse, as gold and silver have kept their value even through such times. But it must be understood that all real goods and services give paper money its value in normal times, not just gold and silver.

Here are several excellent resources to learn more about the philosophy and details of this visionary system, American National Credit (Social Credit).

The Money Myth Exploded – Article, free online, appx 8 pgs

This Age of Plenty – Book, free online

Social Credit in Ten Lessons – Book, free online

The Meaning of Social Credit – by Maurice Colbourne – free online (book)
More comments below:

American National Credit (Social Credit) is the answer to the USA’s and the World’s “FED-Goldman-Sachs-Bankster-Contrived” Economic Woes: issuing Money scientifically into circulation to correspond approximately to available goods and services, in this Age of Plenty.

Mass production since the days of Henry Ford circa 1903, machines, technology, computers, and now robots — make the old ways of issuing money into circulation completely outdated.

On top of that, we have allowed malicious anti-Christ, anti-American Bankster-Gangsters at the FED to continue to issue money to the United States of America in secret AND with interest. What could be more absurd? The government’s monetary office should issue new money in the OPEN and WITHOUT interest to the nation.

It is true that, circa 2010 – 2015 in the USA, the top 400 families have more money than the bottom 160 million people. This and other incredible realities are detailed in many places, such as in David DeGraw’s book, “The Economic Elite vs. the People of the United States of America”. See the home page of for excellent facts and commentary on current and developing economic realities in the USA and the world.

Neither we nor David DeGraw are concerned with people who became rich by providing goods and services to people and thereby improving the lives of their customers. In fact, such people are to be greatly applauded as they have made possible the modern standard of living that even the poor in developed countries enjoy today.

The problem concerns the sociopaths running key segments of the money business (namely, the FED, related international banks, and much of Wall Street) who have ruthlessly (and with malice aforethought) clawed their way to the top by usurious practices and other immoral methods. These Super-Criminals are now using their ill-gotten positions to exploit every day people instead of serving society; they are continuing to use unscrupulous methods to consolidate more wealth and control in the hands of themselves, the proverbial 1%.

In a 1931 Encyclical (Quadragesimo Anno; subtitled, “On Reconstruction of the Social Order”), Pope Pius XI condemned both Monopoly Capitalism (Vulture Capitalism) on the one hand, and Socialism/Communism on the other.

Monopoly Capitalism is what we have in the United States in the 21st century, spearheaded by the FED, Goldman-Sachs, and FOX Cable News. And, paradoxically, Monopoly Capitalism is turning the USA into a Socialist/Communist country. This is exactly what Pope Pius XI warned against in 1931, as the contrived Great Depression was in progress in the USA with reverberations across the world.

The Monopoly Capitalists (the FED-International Bankers) use Socialism/Communism as one of their masks as they try to bring mankind under their one-world Tyranny.

The antidote to both Monopoly/Vulture Capitalism AND Socialism/Communism is the same system: American National Credit (Social Credit, historically), which preserves free enterprise for all citizens on an even playing field, as effectively as is humanly possible. This system is truly economic democracy, without stifling centralized planning a la the Communist Soviet Union, and without the overwhelmingly high taxes of socialist states like Sweden.

How is this possible? By replacing the FED with an honest National Monetary Office which would operate in the light of day and issue money to equal the goods and services available for purchase, as accurately as possible. All money issued to the nation’s money supply would be interest-free.

The reason that almost no one alive has seen the actual and full wording of the Magna Carta is because that historic document overtly places restrictions on the Jewish usurers of that day. So the full wording has been excluded from all modern history books.

In 1931, Pope Pius XI explained that when the most ruthless and unscrupulous have succeeded in clawing their way to the top and are centralizing all wealth and property in the hands of the few, it amounts to the same thing as Communism, and causes the masses to start to listen to the siren song of socialism, a mask being worn by the very Monopoly Capitalists they are trying to escape.

This explains the large crowds being attracted by open socialist Bernie Sanders. People want to strike back against the Monopoly Capitalist program which they understand, however inarticulately, is threatening them and squeezing them and generally constructing an economic system unfair to every day people, — but don’t know where to turn.

Please note: The Banksters give Socialist Sanders tons of publicity through their 5 Big TV Networks because Sanders’ program is essentially their program. In sharp contrast, these same 5 TV Networks ruthlessly censored Buchanan in the 90s and Ron Paul in the last few elections. Any information about, or spokesman for, American National Credit (Social Credit) is also ignored or suppressed.

So how would American National Credit (Social Credit) work in real life? And how would it be different than the Federal Reserve system we have been living under for the past 100 years?

Click here for a more comprehensive explanation of American National Credit (or Social Credit).

The following two videos are also referred to in Section 9, “The Shadow Government”.

The Money Power behind the FED and Goldman-Sachs

— For the proof of the background Money Power behind the GOP and Dems at the national level, as well as behind the 5 Big TV Networks, Congress, the White House, and the FED, find on youtube:

“The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still


“The Money Masters” by Bill Still

If the above video is removed, CLICK HERE to see it on our website.

The book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin; the book “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins (the Mullins book may be available free online).

The Solution to the Money Problem: American National Credit (Historically called, “Social Credit” in other countries; use Social Credit if you are doing a Google search.

This monetary system, American National Credit (or Social Credit, if you want to google more information)) will bring the issue of money by the United States, or any nation, up to date. The current system run by the Federal Reserve Board and its allied international banks is at least 100 years out of date.

It began to be obsolete as a monetary system once Henry Ford introduced the system of mass production of material goods. Since that time, machines, technology, computers, and now robots, have increased production efficiency, and progressively reduced the need for human labor.

In addition, the idea that the United States, or any nation, should pay interest to a private group, or to any group, for issuing its own money is more than ridiculous and worse than criminal.

Money, if issued from a trusted source, is a ticket for goods and services.

A nation should issue money to about equal (as near as possible) the goods and services available to be purchased in that nation. If there is a lot more money than the goods and services available – then inflation results. If there is a lot less money in circulation than the goods and services available to be purchased — then deflation results, and everyone is needlessly struggling. 

The idea that the younger generation is 60 trillion million zillion dollars in debt, and can never get out of debt, is preposterous. That would only be true if we let the coalition of the FED, Goldman-Sachs, and other international banksters keep running the nation’s and world’s money.

Note: Again, we are using the name “American National Credit”, but historically this monetary system was called “Social Credit” and that’s what you have to search for on Google to get more information..

The Money Myth Exploded – Article, free online, appx 8 pgs

This Age of Plenty – Book, free online

Social Credit in Ten Lessons – Book, free online

The Meaning of Social Credit – by Maurice Colbourne – free online (book)

Section 6: Election Nite Gatekeepers – the Votescam (Computerized Election Fraud) Syndicate


See and especially the menu tab “Election Nite Gatekeepers”. There is also a video on the homepage entitled, “Election Nite Gatekeepers.” The Open Letter to Donald Trump starts a bit down the page,  but is information packed in a relatively short letter.

Election Nite Gatekeepers – The Youtube Video: — see the articles linked down the right hand side of the Home Page. —

— the first few paragraphs of the article, “How They Could Steal the Election This Time” by Ronnie Dugger (the entire article is excellent)

— Also, the article, “Pandora’s Black Box: Did it Really count your vote?” by Dr. Philip O’Halloran (16 pages)

– “A House without Doors” by Jim Condit Jr. – this article gives a complete picture of our current, hi-jacked election system

— There is much more at this site.

Watch the Vote 2012 – The Iowa Caucus
The YouTube Video: Watch the First 13 Minutes or so. This video reveals much of how the Votescam Syndicate works:

“South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul” – a 10 minute youtube video from 2008 summarizing most of the secret computer “count” election fraud issues, including the key US Supreme Court decisions forbidding secret vote counts:

— Book: “Votescam: The Stealing of America” by Ken and Jim Collier.

— Book: “Black Box Voting” by Bev Harris – free online at

“Hacking Democracy” – an HBO documentary, available sometimes at youtube in 10 parts, or for sale at about $19. Must see.

— The articles of Lynn Landes, an excellent reporter, on the votefraud issue at:

— Documentary: “The Right To Count” by Richard Van Slyke.

— Documentary: “Uncounted”


COMPUTER VOTEFRAUD: Votescam: The Stealing of America — pick from the articles linked down the right hand side. The above video and the first few paragraphs of “How They Could Steal the Election This Time” by Ronnie Dugger – give you a good picture. Also, “Pandora’s Black Box: Did it Really count your vote?” by Dr. Philip O’Halloran (16 pages) – and “A House without Doors” (6 pages) – also give a complete picture of our current hi-jacked election system.

Book: Black Box Voting by Bev Harris – free online at

The articles of Lynn Landes, and excellent reporter, on the votefraud issue at:

Hacking Democracy – an HBO documentary, available at youtube in 10 parts I think.

Book by the Colliers: “Votescam: The Stealing of America.”

Section 7: Talmudic Mentality:

The Book: “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years” by Israel Shahak, circa 2001

“The Plot Against Christianity” by Elizabeth Dilling (free online at, 1964

Judaism Discovered by Michael A. Hoffman II, former AP wire reporter. Circa 2005; This is one of the two political/religious books that has ever been banned by Amazon. Find at – Here is a video with Michael A. Hoffman II interviewed by Jeff Rense:

If the above video is removed, CLICK HERE to see it on our website.

The book, “The Talmud Unmasked” by Fr. Pranaitis (may be free online), circa 1905

“The Other Israel” by Rev. Ted Pike (video and on youtube);  and the book, “Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma” by Ted Pike. Circa 1986; Ted Pike’s website is:

The above video is “The Other Israel” – renamed by a YouTube Channel (not by Ted Pike) If the above video is removed, CLICK HERE to watch.

For balance in treating this issue, and maintaining one’s Christian charity when fighting any kind of evil: The works of Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954)

Here is perhaps Fr. Fahey’s best Introduction on how Christians must maintain their balance and charity when treating this issue. Naturally, as a Catholic priest in Ireland in the 1930s he writes from a Catholic point of view, and Fr. Fahey was apparently unaware of the Khazar issue (that most “Jews” today are not Hebrews, but Russians from Khazaria (now Georgia) who converted to diabolical Talmudic Judaism (not the Old Testament of the Hebrews) in the 8th century. Nevertheless, his advice is sound for everyone:

Click here for the Introduction to the 1935 book, The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, by Fr. Denis Fahey.

Section 8: “Christian Zionism” is based on a Lie

Proof that “Christian Zionism” is based on a lie. The Old Testament says God already fulfilled and completed His Promise to Abraham and Israel regarding land before Christ came. Today’s Israel is composed of and run by people that were never Hebrews (except maybe 20% or so, see “The Thirteenth Tribe”, a New York Times bestseller circa 1975 by Arthur Koestler) and who never followed the Old Testament, but only the Talmud, concocted after the time of Christ to try and keep Judaism alive.

This subject is super-important because 40 million Protestants have been deceived into the “Christian Zionist” movement through the line of argument advanced by Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagee et al, who were all backed ultimately by the International Banksters behind the FED and Goldman Sachs.

“Jews, Gentiles, and the End of the World” by Dr. Robert Sungenis is available at – as well as some follow up interviews.

Here are the Scriptures that is relevant to disproving “Christian Zionism”:

Here are the verses:

Here are the three Scriptures describing how God gave the Jews the land, and that this is fulfilled 4 thousand years ago, and now over:

Joshua 21: 41 to 43 in Douay Rheims, 43 to 35 in King James version. Year 1447 BC

I Kings 8:56, year 967 BC

Nehemiah 9: 7-8, year515 BC

Below are the actual verses:

* * * * * * *

1447 BC: Joshua or Josue, Chapter 21, v 41 to 43 in Douay Rheims, v. 43 to 45 in King James:

[41] And the Lord God gave to Israel all the land that he had sworn to give to their fathers: and they possessed it and dwelt in it. [42] And he gave them peace from all nations round about: and none of their enemies durst stand against them, but were brought under their dominion. [43] Not so much as one word, which he had promised to perform unto them, was made void, but all came to pass.

King James Version of Joshua, Ch 21, 43-45:

43 And the LORD gave unto Israel all the land which he sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein.

44 And the LORD gave them rest round about, according to all that he sware unto their fathers: and there stood not a man of all their enemies before them; the LORD delivered all their enemies into their hand.

45 There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.

* * * * *

967 BC:   Third Book of Kings, 8:56 (1 Kings is in parenthesis, I don’t know if this is Vatican II created confusion, or what) 8:56:

Douay Rheims: [56] Blessed be the Lord, who hath given rest to his people Israel, according to all that he promised: there hath not failed so much as one word of all the good things that he promised by his servant Moses

King James version: 1 Kings 8:56K

56 Blessed be the Lord, that hath given rest unto his people Israel, according to all that he promised: there hath not failed one word of all his good promise, which he promised by the hand of Moses his servant.

* * * * *

515 BC: Nehemiah 9: 7-8

King James version:

7 Thou art the LORD the God, who didst choose Abram, and broughtest him forth out of Ur of the Chaldees, and gavest him the name of Abraham;

8 And foundest his heart faithful before thee, and madest a covenant with him to give the land of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Jebusites, and the Girgashites, to give it, I say, to his seed, and hast performed thy words; for thou art righteous . . . (end quote)

Again, for an excellent, in depth presentation by Dr, Robert Sungenis on the above information, find “Jews, Gentiles, and the End of the World”, and the follow up interviews at

Here is a video Presentation on the subject of Christian Zionism and on the position that the Old Covenant was abolished by God when the New Covenant commenced:

Section 9: The Shadow Government, i.e., the Money Power and its Octopus arms

9a) Who Runs the Media?

Full documentation is at the link above. But here is the proof that secular Jewish businessmen run all 5 Big TV Networks:- Robert Iger, ABC, cited on Disney Website, 2016; Murray Rothstein (Sumner Redstone), CBS, cited on CBS Website 2016; Brian Roberts, NBC, Bloomberg News, Feb 13, 2013; Aviv Nevo CEO, Jeff Zucker President, CNN, NYT, July 28, 2008; Rupert Murdoch, FOX, Wikipedia. — On that Jews own all top 8 Hollywood Studios, google Joel Stein, “Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon”, 2008 in the LA Times.

9b) Who Runs the FED?

9c) Who Runs Congress?


The book, “The Israel Lobby” by Professors Walt and Mearsheimer, circa 2006 — also youtube videos featuring the authors.

The book, “The High Priests of War” by Michael Collins Piper

Former Congressman Paul Findley, author of “They Dare to Speak Out”, backs up Traficant – in great depth – on who controls the US Congress:

Congressman Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out – AGAIN! – 90 minute interview on Youtube, about how AIPAC controls the US Congress and has great influence in state legislatures (AIPAC = American Israel Public Affairs Committee)

This speech against “secret societies” and a worldwide conspiracy, given by JFK to the American Newspaper Association in 1961, gives a clue that Kennedy was not “with the program” of the Ruling Elite. Notice that he does not speak specifically of the Communist conspiracy, but of a “monolithic conspiracy”, perhaps the Rothschild-type Banksters and their tentacles, of which the Communist Conspiracy was only one of their “masks”.

This link is the key 5 minutes of the 19 minute speech; both versions are available at Youtube.

The Power behind the Drive for Word Tyranny:

The Synagogue of Satan

by Andrew Hitchcock

Documentary based on Book of the same name

This video contains a valuable body of documentation, but the suggestion (stated as not proven in this video) that the Kennedy family is a crypto-Jewish family is not true.
If the above video is deleted from YouTube, CLICK HERE, to watch on our site.

Section 10: The Talmud in Action (Coming Soon)

Section 11: The Nazi-Zionist Connection

The Nazi-Zionist Connection:

We put this video here for your convenience. It is the 3 hr radio interview of Jim Condit Jr. by Christopher Jon Bjerknes in May of 2007. Circa 2012, this youtube video was uploaded by a man in Europe. Within a few weeks, this man’s youtube account was banned in 11 countries (including France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Israel) because of this below video on the Nazi-Zionist connection. We strongly recommend you go to the above link at to the “Nazi-Zionist-Connection” section, to get the whole story and read comments left from around the world of people who watched this “banned” video.

Section 12: Is the Hollywood Version of the Holocaust True?

The following debate between Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) and Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine is good for some basic issues on the Holocaust debate. Weber is great, and Shermer has nothing, a real disgrace to intellectual debate. Shermer is only skeptical of anything challenging Establishment concocted cover stories. Weber does not explain what exactly was happening under the Nazis, for that go to the Nazi-Zionist connection section. Sound is not the best, but worth the effort:


 Section 13: Where did ISIS come from? Who Created ISIS? (Coming Soon)

Section 14: Most Terror Attacks are False Flags, perpetrated by dark side of CIA, FBI, and/or Mossad:

Judge Andrew Napolitano brilliantly exposes the tip of the iceberg regarding the FBI CREATING terrorist events, in order to “thwart them”. In other videos linked in this section you can find the evidence that the most spectacular terrorist events (9-11, Sandy Hook, Brussels, San Bernardino, etc.) were created by the dark side of of these same intelligence agencies.

If the above video is removed, CLICK HERE, to watch on our site.

This is a presentation detailing the incredible anomalies of Sandy Hook, without getting into the motivation or possible background forces behind it.


Section 15: All Out War To Make Whites a Minority in USA and Europe (More Coming Soon)

During the GOP Presidential primaries in 2015, both Senator Rand Paul and Donald Trump stated on FOX and MSNBC and CNN that ISIS became a factor when the US abandoned over $1 billion worth of military hardware (against US policy, which is to destroy any weapons or military hardware left behind). This is where ISIS came from, created by the dark side of the US and Israeli governments, in order to provide a pretext to ramp up the “war on terror”, including perhaps the nuking of an American city to justify the declaration of martial law in the USA.

Until Americans understand that 9-11 was a False Flag Operation, we will be susceptible to more terrorist attacks, like 9-11, perpetrated by the dark side of the CIA and the Mossad (both arms of the Organized Worldwide Talmudic Jewish Shadow Government).

The works of Dr. Kevin MacDonald of the California State University at Long Beach.

Kevin MacDonald’s A Culture of Critique: Synopsis

If the above video is removed by YouTube, CLICK HERE, to watch on our site.

The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements – Paperback(2nd ed.)


Section 16: The 9-11 Terror Attacks

The 9-11 Terror Attacks of 2001

The 9-11-01 Terror attacks were a FALSE FLAG operation, meaning an event perpetrated by one group with the intent to blame it on another group.

In the case of the terror attacks of 9-11-01, the Organized Worldwide Jewish Shadow Government perpetrated the attacks against the USA using its agents in the CIA, the W. Bush administration, the Mossad (Israel’s CIA), and its cover-up artists running all major media, especially the 5 Big TV Networks. Its 5 Big TV networks with other major media then imposed a false story on the American people blaming Osama Bin Laden and 19 Muslim hijackers, the pre-designated “Lee Harvey Oswald” patsies of the 9-11 terror attacks.

The two major reasons for the 9-11-01 terror attacks were:

a) trick the USA into fighting endless wars in the Middle East for the worldwide Jewish Shadow Government and for the expansionist policies of its land base, “Israel”, and

b) trick the US citizenry into accepting the encroaching Communist police state, under the guise of the contrived “war on terror.”

For quick education on the real truth about 9-11: Listen to the two speeches below by Jim Condit Jr. on how agents of the worldwide Organized Jewish Shadow Government and Israel did 9-11. Watch “9-11 Mysteries” by Sofia, also below.

And the last 60 minutes of “Behind the Smoke Curtain” by one-time, close Reagan aide, Barbara Honegger, where Barbara exposes the make up of those behind 9-11 in the PNAC organization (Project for the New American Century), where about half of the movers and shakers are Neo-Con, establishment Jewish operatives. Also, see the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth at:

Two 1-hr speeches on this subject were given by Jim Condit Jr. in September 2013 at the “Rebuilding Christendom” conference in Washington D.C. The speeches were entitled, “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain”, Parts I & II. Each talk lasts about 50 minutes. You can listen to these talks on Youtube immediately below, thanks to the permission of the “Rebuilding Christendom”  conference organizers. To support those who made these talks possible,  you can find mp3 downloads, or CDs, or DVDs, at the conference website ( Here’s a more precise link:

Watch for free “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain – Parts I & II” — immediately below.

Here’s Part 1:

And Part 2 of 9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain:

9-11 Mysteries

— by Sofia Smallstorm – the BEST documentary to introduce a new person to in order to show that the official 9-11 Big media / Big Government COVER story is a deliberate hoax.


Behind the Smoke Curtain (3 hrs, Video)

by Barbara Honegger (top Reagan aide, 1981 to 1985):


(Picture coming soon) – Barbara Honegger with President Reagan and VP G.W. Bush, circa 1983, Barbara was a top research-assistant, and talked to Reagan almost every day he was in Washington DC between 1981 and 1985. This is a 3 /12 hr video, the last hour talks about how the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) BECAME the W. Bush administration after 9-11-01, and how half of those in PNAC were/are Establishment/so-called Zionist Jews.

Investigative Reporter Christopher Bollyn on 9-11:

Section 17: Take Over of the Vatican at the 1958 Conclave by Judeo-Masonry


The Eclipse of the Church: “The Church will be in eclipse; the world will be in dismay.” – Our Lady of Lasallette, 1846 which deals with the hi-jacking of the 1958 conclave and the takeover of the Vatican by the same International Banker-backed forces that funded the rise of Christian-Zionism amongst 40 million+ Protestants in the USA.

Siri_Pius_XII            Siri_made_cardinal_Pius_XII          siri_sitting_in_red


— Left: Pope Pius XII and Cardinal Siri, circa 1955; — Center: Siri was the last Cardinal made by Pope Pius XII (1953). — Right: Siri sits for his first official picture as a Cardinal in 1953.

The overwhelming evidence indicates that Cardinal Joseph Siri was elected Pope on October 26, 1958, when five minutes of White Smoke billowed from the Sistine Chapel chimney at 5:55 PM, Rome time. Vatican Radio announced, “We have a Pope” for 30 minutes. Then something happened. The 200,000 gathered in St. Peter’s Square were told a mistake had been made. The priest on Vatican Radio said, “We are being told a mistake has been made. This is not possible. The answer must lie elsewhere.” The Swiss Guard who had assembled to greet the new Holy Father was told to return to their barracks, etc., etc.

Two days later, Angelo Roncalli emerged as “Pope” John XXIII and was greeted with over-the-top wild cheers from the worldwide Judeo-Masonic Press. See the article on linked at the top of the home page: “The Eclipse of the Church and the White Smoke of October 26, 1958”. The preponderance of known evidence indicates that Siri, who had taken the name Pope Gregory XVII after being elected and accepting minutes earler, was shoved aside because of threats of nuclear annihilation against the Cardinals, and against Vatican City itself. According to one source, these threats entered the conclave via the dumb-waiter through which food was passed into Cardinals and their aides in the Conclave. Another source (well known author Malachi Martin) wrote that the threat was passed into the Conclave by “a well known international organization”, identified by another source as the top tier of Freemasonry (the all Jewish B’nai B’rith) on behalf of the top Rothschild-Banksters and their Communist agents running the Soviet Union.   For information on this explosive investigation into what has happened to the Catholic Church in our time, see: Grave Reasons of State by Gary Giuffre

We recommend all the articles and information linked on – but the most important things to read are the six articles written by Mr. Gary Giuffre linked in section I at the top of the home page, his article “The Pastoral Council” linked further down the home page, and also the “Introduction” article linked at the top of the home page.

More on the TakeOver of the Vatican and how the Eclipse of the Church might be resolved


Section 18: Spiritual War Behind the Struggles We See in this World

Heaven’s Key to Peace Video (60 min) at – about the miracle of the sun in 1917 at Fatima, Portugal , witnessed by 70,000 people and a skeptical press – and its significance today.




My best guess-timate on the shape of things to come in our time: severe disintegration of church and state; followed by a world altering physical chastisement, ending in three days of darkness enveloping the entire world; followed by a Period of Peace lasting several generations, perhaps up to 500 years. This would be followed by the triumph of the forces of antichrist, and then the Second Coming of Christ.

Letter to my brothers and sisters on perhaps the application of Prophecy in our time:

(The following two publications do excellent work on Fatima and almost all aspects of Catholic matters, including the crisis in the structures of the Catholic Church; however, we do not agree with their position that the “Vatican II Popes” are real popes. Rather, we believe that “Vatican II Popes” John XXIII (Roncalli) 1958-1963; Paul VI (Montini) 1963-1978; John Paul I (Luciani) 1978-1978; John Paul II (Woytila) 1978-2005; and Benedict XVI (Ratzinger) 2005-2013, and Francis I (Bergoglio) 2013-??? — must be anti-popes because of their contradiction of previous true Popes in regards to the Church’s infallible “ordinary and universal magisterium”, i.e., the Mass, the sacraments, canon law, the canonization of saints, and the daily life of the Church.. Our reasoning is given here: — and the background for which is explained further in the five articles listed here: — The website of Catholic Family News monthly newspaper – website of the Fatima Crusader, quarterly magazine

Section 19: Library Online: Important Links, Videos, Audios & Books

Recommending these websites means they carry a lot of good information and are worth checking out daily or periodically, but does not imply that we endorse everything on every website. (The Drudge Report on Steroids) (A lot of hard to find information) (Best information on the Computer Votefraud Syndicate)  (Excellent summary of the Election Nite Gatekeepers, Votescam, and the Computer Votefraud Syndicate – be sure to see menu tab, “Election Nite Gatekeepers”)  (Michael A. Hoffman II, a unique website) (Investigative Reporter Christopher Bollyn’s website) (American Free Press) (Early and best articles puncturing the 9-11 Official Cover Story; see the article, “Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots” and “When Seeing and Hearing is not Believing) (Alex Jones) – the website of Henry Makow, inventor of the game Scruples – Henry is Jewish and opposes the Organized Jewish Syndicate and the New World Order; (a lot of good authors and information not easily found elsewhere – (generally avoids the Jewish / Zionist / Israel issues – but is still good on what’s happening; (Christopher Jon Bjerkness, himself part Jewish) (Committee for the Open Discussion of the Holocaust)


“The Jewish Question in Europe”, an article published in 1890 in the Jesuit publication, “Civilta Cattolica”. Here is one place to find that article:



“The Point” by the Jesuit Father Leonard Feeney’s group, published as a series in the 1950s, found here:


The Mystical Body of Christ and the Modern World by Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954) – all books and pamphlets by Fr. Fahey are excellent.

High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper (who got the USA into the Iraq War of 2003)

Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper (Mossad behind assassination of JFK)

Far and Wide by Douglas Reed

Judaism Discovered by Michael A. Hoffman II (Effectively Banned by Amazon! Must be ordered from

None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen (1972, excellent beginner book on Ruling Elite)

The Politician by Robert Welch (Book proving that Dwight Eisenhower was a top level agent of the international Banksters, and world Communism)

Votescam: The Stealing of America by James & Kenneth Collier

Black Box Voting by Bev Harris

Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins (1956, first book exposing the Federal Reserve Board)

The Creature from Jekyl Island by G. Edward Griffin (Excellent book on the Federal Reserve Board, written circa 1997)

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy – Professors Walt (Harvard) and Mearsheimer (U of Chicago) – published 2007; there are also live talks by these scholars – search google and youtube;

Defamation: DVD – a righteous Jewish investigator exposes the scam of “anti-Semitism” as promoted by the ADL (anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith) — website of The New American Magazine (avoids subjects directly adverse to Israel, but has many excellent articles on the Power Elite working towards an end to the Constitution and the imposition of the New World Tyranny; articles on this subject by John McManus and William Jasper are excellent.


“The High Priests of War” by Michael Collins Piper – anything by Michael Collins Piper is good. Some of his other books are “Final Judgment” about the JFK assassination; and “The New Jerusalem”, and “Target Traficant” and “My First Days as President” – a fictional book.

Article: Whose War? By Pat Buchanan – search google

Books: Neo-Conned – and – Neo-Conned Again! – compiled by J. Forrest Sharpe – see


Section 20: Radio Shows – Jim Condit Jr. for Congress or Dr. Kiumars Kiani for Congress 2016 — 1-hr Radio Shows aired over 50,000 watt AM Stations

Jim Traficant’s Last Appearance on a Major Radio Station, WKRC (550 AM), Sunday, May 4th, 2014, 5 months before his tragic death.

Jim Traficant had been banned from Major TV and Radio news and interview programs since his interviews on Greta Van Susteren, Sean Hannity (FOX), Chris Matthews (MSNBC), and Wolf Blitzer (CNN) in 2009, right after he got out of prison, where he was held as a political prisoner from 2002 to 2009 , after a thoroughly crooked trial. To see why the Ruling Elite wanted him out of the way in the aftermath of 9-11 and during the long-planned, great “bail-out” thefts against the American people in 2008, hear this radio interview.

Some listeners felt they really got to know Traficant on this broadcast.



(More Coming Soon)

Section 21: Other Vital Issues

a) Pro-Life vs. Abortion


The Pro-Life Action League

Live Action (Lila Rose)

Center for Medical Progress (David Daleiden)




– Below this point are raw materials being incorporated in this documentation page, which is still under construction.

ALSO YOU CAN BROWSE BELOW, OR USE THE Control-F command to find a key word for the documentation you are looking for:

Note: To find documentation you may be looking for, hit Control-F and then type a key word for the subject you are looking for; if it exists on this page, it will be highlighted. – Jim Condit Jr.™

Videos & Audios


Backing up Traficant:

Republican Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out Again – AIPAC exposed!

Former Congressman paul Findley was a Congressman from Illinois who talks for 1 hours about how AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) controls the US Congress, State Legislators, and City Councilman, — in conjunction with their fellow operatives for the organized Jewish Lobby in the Big Media.


Backing up Traficant on who controls the media – Documents:


Also, LA Times columnist Joel Stein on “Who Runs Hollywood?”


New Yorker Magazine, September 2014: Subject of Article:
Are American Jews Turning Against AIPAC?

(AIPAC is the most visable arm of the organized Jewish Lobby?)


How the Precinct Strategy Works Towards Taking Back the Country Peacefully and Constitutionally:

The Strangest Political Secret — 10 min video, found here: – video at top

and http://www.NetworkAmerica.orgSee 6 minute video on home page

You will have a hard time finding some of the below information almost anywhere else:


The Five Greatest Cover-ups of the last 100 Years – 1914 – 2014, and to present

  1. JFK Assassination —
    This conspiracy is pretty well exposed, — but the best book on the subject explaining the “who-dun-it” and the motives for the assassination –  is “Final Judgment” by Michael Collins Piper, a book about which most people have never heard. Piper argues that Kennedy was assassinated by the Mossad (Israel’s CIA) and Israeli agents-of-influence in the actual CIA because, for one thing, Kennedy was preventing Israel from getting the nuclear bomb, as he felt that the Middle East was too small for any country there to get the nuclear bomb.


I (Jim Condit Jr.) believe the other reasons for the JFK assassination were that he was pulling out of Vietnam, as explained in one of the Trilogy of books written by Colonel Donn de Grand Pre in the years before his death. Vietnam was important to the Ruling Elite for several reasons, one of which was to addict many white soldiers to drugs while under the incredibly stressful conditions that were artificially imposed upon them by traitor Lyndon Johnson, thus leading to the white soldiers bringing a market for drugs into the white middle class communities when they came home. As comedian Dick Gregory and others have long explained, a market for drugs had already been accomplished in the black communities. — And — JFK introduced $5 billion dollars worth of United States Dollars (as opposed to Federal Reserve Notes, which we Americans are still using) in the form of $20 bills in June of 1963. After he was assassinated in November of 1963, the traitor and bankster front man, Lyndon Baines Johnson, ordered that the banks withdraw all these “Kennedy dollars” from circulation whenever they were deposited by the public. Only money collectors have any of these “Kennedy Dollar Bills” today. No President since has issued United States Dollars.


In addition, Kennedy fired the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, right after the Bay of Pigs, stating he (JFK) “would smash the CIA into a thousand pieces.” The CIA was the Rockefeller / Rothschild intelligence strike force which had only been around since 1947, 13 years before JFK became President. Kennedy was also laying groundwork for a different world than the war-mongering, Rothschild-Rockefeller Banksters were plotting to bring about.



The 9-11 Terror Attacks of 2001

Two 1-hr speeches on this subject were given by Jim Condit Jr. in September 2013 at the “Rebuilding Christendom” conference in Washington D.C. The speeches were entitled, “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain”, Parts I & II. Each talk lasts about 50 minutes. You can listen to these talks on Youtube immediately below, thanks to the permission of the “Rebuilding Christendom”  conference organizers. To support those who made these talks possible,  you can find mp3 downloads, or CDs, or DVDs, at the conference website ( Here’s a more precise link:

Watch for free “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain – Parts I & II” — immediately below:


Part I:

9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain (Part 1)— by Jim Condit Jr., September 14, 2013 in Washington DC at the Rebuilding Christendom Conference – 50 min


Part 2:

9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain (Part 2)— by Jim Condit Jr., Sept 2013 in Washington DC – 50 min, mp3 format



Behind the Smoke Curtain (3 hrs, Video)

by Barbara Honegger (top Reagan aide, 1981 to 1985):

(Picture coming soon) – Barbara Honegger with President Reagan and VP G.W. Bush, circa 1983, Barbara was a top research-assistant, and talked to Reagan almost every day he was in Washington DC between 1981 and 1985.

This is a “must see”, and the best way to introduce a new person to the deception around the “Official Big Media Story” about the terror attacks of 9-11-01.

“9-11 Mysteries” (90 min, Video) by Sofia Smallstorm:

If the video above is removed by YouTube, CLICK HERE, to watch on our site.

Computerized Votefraud

Easily Rigged Computerized Elections to Steal America and the World –

1973 to present, consolidated by 1988

Visit for more information


South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul (2007, 10 min):


Watch the Vote 2012 – Iowa Caucus (2012, see about the first 14 min):


HBO also offers a movie, “Hacking Democracy” which is quite excellent, as long as you realize that the ultimate election fraud wirepullers are the international banksters allied with the FED, Goldman Sachs, and the IMF — and not the Bush family, or George Soros, or anyone in the Republican and Democratic parties, which are “two wings on the same bird of prey” to use Patrick Buchanan’s phrase, and that bird of prey is the international banksters.


  1. Nazi-Zionist Connection (The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler)

Hitler cooperated with the eventual founders of Israel from 1933 onward; Nazism was essentially another Zionist operation:


The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler (2 hrs, 22 min, Video):


In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis — New York Times

By ERIC LICHTBLAU — Oct. 27, 2014  — Page A1

(This article is adapted from The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men  by Eric Lichtblau, to be published Tuesday by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.)



The Eclipse of the Church – The hi-jacked conclave: The White Smoke of October 26, 1958The hi-jacking of the Vatican and the Structures of the Roman Catholic Church at the 1958 conclave, inaugurating the Eclipse of the Church, long prophesied by weighty Catholic authorities, scholars, and seers:


(pictures coming soon)
— The White Smoke of October 26, 1958
— Pope Pius XII and Cardinal Siri, circa 1955

Coming Soon –The last three links in this section are the mp3 audios of the three 1-hr interviews which Jim Condit Jr. did with Judith Sharpe on “The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation” in May and June of 2014. These links will be working soon so you can access these audios for free.  We hope to get these three 1 hr+ interviews up on youtube soon as well — where you will also be able to access these audios for free.

For now, you also have the option to buy a CD of each interview for $11 each (includes shipping), or the mp3 audio for each interview for immediate download for $5 each, at this link: – Scroll down until you see “Exploring the Siri Thesis and the Eclipse of the Church” Parts I, II, and III — or hit “control-find” and type “Siri” in the box that pops up, usually in the upper left hand column — this will highlight the first of these three interviews which are #7, #8, and #9 interviews under Jim Condit Jr.

Coming Soon ** As stated above, you will soon be able to listen to this updated series, “The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation, Parts I, II and III) for free at the following links. Please allow a few minutes for each audio to open in a new window:

(Please be a bit patient, — the below three links Coming Soon!)

Part I — The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation – Part I – (74 minutes)  
(Please allow a few minutes for this to load and appear on a separate page)

Part II — The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation – Part 2 – (75 minutes)
(Please allow a few minutes for this to load and appear on a separate page)

Part III — The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation – Part 3 – (79 minutes)
(Please allow a few minutes for this to load and appear on a separate page)

Solving the Money Problem: American National Credit


This monetary system will bring the issue of money by the United States, or any nation, up to date. The current system run by the Federal Reserve Board and its allied international banks is at least 100 years out of date.

It began to be obsolete as a premier system once Henry Ford introduced the system of mass production of material goods. Since that time, machines, technology, computers, and now robots, have increased production efficiency and progressively reduced the need for human labor.

In addition, the idea that the United States, or any nation, should pay interest to a private group, or to any group, for issuing its own money is more than ridiculous and worse than criminal. A nation should issue money to about equal (as close as possible) the goods and services available to be bought in that nation. Money, if issued from a trusted source, is a ticket for goods and services.

The idea that the younger generation is 60 trillion million dollars in debt, and can never get out of debt, is preposterous. That would only be true if we let the FED; Goldman-Sachs international banksters keep running the nation and world’s money.

Note: We are using the name “American National Credit”, but historically this monetary system was called “Social Credit” and that’s what you have to search for on Google.

The Money Myth Exploded –

This Age of Plenty –

Social Credit in Ten Lessons –


Who Controls the Big Media?


Also, LA Times columnist Joel Stein on “Who Runs Hollywood?”


9-11 — Who Did It – and Why?


Carol Valentine’s website: see the article, “Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots”

The following are the documentation links we listed in 2010 and 2012



What I Saw That Day:
Israel’s June 8 1967 Holocaust of US Servicemen Aboard the USS LIBERTY and its Aftermath —
by Phil Tourney, with Mark Glenn (The Story of a USS Liberty Survivor) Liberty

This book also covered at: is Mark Glenn’s blog and podcast center


All other kinds of documentation (Foreclosure links are at the bottom of the page:


  1. The Secret of Oz by Bill Still (60 min) – on youtube and Google video, I think. ( – I think, for google video)
  1. Money Masters by Bill Still – on youtube and google – 3 ½ hours.  Very worthwhile.
  1. Book: The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins
  1. Book: The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
  1. THE ANSWER is outlined in the article: “The Money Myth Exploded” a cartoon parable with two essays, found here:

  1. This speech by Jeremy Lee on youtube is pretty excellent to back up the “Money Myth Exploded” article: – Part I of a six part youtube.

  1. “This Age of Plenty” by Louis Even – the book in chapters online:


My websites are:
NEW 2014 – this website is blocked by most major corporations who use the ADL software to block criticism; it contains 7 Lessons that American must learn now – one of the Lessons links to the documentation for Who Controls the US Media. – this has the “Precinct Solution” 13 minute video, “The Strangest Political Secret” – which explains how to take back our nation peacefully and constitutionally – my campaign website, the video “Shock Therapy for the Tea Party” will be up soon;

Here is where you can read all my Network America ewires back to Jan 10, 2000:

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“911 Mysteries” — 60 minute video narrated by Sofia – at Google Video – this DVD has been banned from sale in the USA by a Judge under pressure from the organized Jewish Lobby, acting through the nephew of 1930s gangster Bugsy Seigel, Rick Seigel.

“Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots” by Carol Valentine – at – where you also will see  other important issues on 911 – such as “When Seeing and Hearing” is not believing” and Parts I and 11 of “NORAD”. —– Merry Christmas! And off with your head – is also an excellent article, if long. – the books and writings of investigative reporter Christopher Bollyn, one of the best in the world.

911 Missing Links at

Stranger than Fiction: (Note: for some reason, this essay doesn’t consider the “remote controlled” plane option)



Anything by Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1953), here’s a two of his short essays: — we believe all other books on real history should be evaluated in light of the books of Fr. Denis Fahey; his books can be found at the link offered below to the Omni/Christian Book Club.  – the website of Daryl Bradford Smith – much excellent material; many excellent interviews on audio; Be aware that DB Smith is an atheist or agnostic.
The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler by Jim Condit Jr. — 2 hour video on Google Video, done circa 2003. This has been renamed “The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler. – I am also intending to drop off to both of you a copy of our CD commenting on this DVD, which is a 3 hour internet radio interview. – a lot of interesting stuff  — a lot of interesting short videos on hidden history – my website on the real interpretation behind current events and problems; articles down the right hand side largely about the crisis in the structures of the Catholic Church

The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler by Jim Condit Jr:
an anti-Hitler website, but also anti-Stalin, anti-Roosevelt, and anti-Churchill — four super-criminals funded by the International banksters; 70,000,000 lay dead on the battlefield of Europe when the smoke cleared. Most egregious to the politically incorrect, this DVD and the accompanying CD (radio interview with Christopher Jon Bjerknes) — exposes the cooperation between Hitler, the Nazis, and the top Zionists who founded and became the first leaders of the state of Israel in 1948. (The information on this DVD and CD is so “hot” — that we were banned from selling it on Paypal in 2008. Paypal has refused to this day to specify in writing why the sale of this information was banned on Paypal. We had been selling both the DVD and CD on PayPal since 2004.)

Any book by Douglas Reed – here’s one online:

Other Reed books are listed here:

Any book offered by
Another interesting source of hundreds of books dealing with hidden history is the Omni-Christian Book Club, found here: — the website of the Omni-Christian Book Club;  — the website of the American Free Press — the website of The American Conservative — the website of Bradley Smith; Open Debate on what really happened in World War II as regards “The Holocaust”: — the Institute for Historical Review — Germar Rudolph’s website — The website of the Barnes Review — The website of David Irving — The website of Ernst Zundel and Ingrid Rimland

(Remember, it is recommended by those behind this website that all information on “the Holocaust” of World War II be interpreted in light of the information presented on the DVD and CD offered at — see above; this DVD and CD are anti-Hitler, but also reveal information about the Ruling Elite behind Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, and the founders of Israel in 1948 — which powerful forces want suppressed to this day.)