Table of Contents – Documentation


Section 1: Two Recommended Websites

– – Our Sister Website, full of hard-to-find Documentation, especially hard-to-find all in one place.

– – Seven Principles – a Positive Program to Restore Constitutional Principles


Section 2: Action Plan: The Precinct Strategy –



Section 3: Protecting Your Family ln Case of Civil Breakdown – preparation course (Prepping)


Section 4: Health Freedom: Including Vaccine options, Cancer Treatment Options, and Circumcision Awareness


Section 5: Money: American National Credit (historically called “Social Credit”) – The Answer to our Contrived Money Problems – Issuing Money scientifically in this Age of Plenty.


Section 6: Election Nite Gatekeepers – the Votescam (Computerized Election Fraud) Syndicate


Section 7: Talmudic Mentality: the Diabolical Mindset of the Synagogue of Satan (the world Rulers of darkness – the Shadow Government in the 20th & 21st centuries)


Section 8: “Christian Zionism” is based on a Lie


Section 9: The Shadow Government, i.e., the Money Power and its Octopus arms

9a) Who Runs the Media? 
9b) Who Runs the FED?
9c) Who Runs Congress?


Section 10: The Talmud in Action (Coming Soon)

Section 11: The Nazi-Zionist Connection


Section 12: Is the Hollywood Version of the Holocaust True?



Section 13: Where did ISIS come from? Who Created ISIS?(Coming Soon)

Section 14: Most Terror Attacks are False Flags, perpetrated by dark side of CIA and/or Mossad:


Section 15: All Out War To Make Whites a Minority in USA and Europe (Orchestrated by the organized worldwide Jewish Shadow Government)


Section 16: The 9-11 Terror Attacks


Section 17: TakeOver of the Vatican at the 1958 Conclave by Judeo-Masonry


Section 18: Spiritual War Behind the Struggles We See in this World


Section 19: Library Online: Important Links, Videos, Audios & Books


Section 20: Radio Shows – 1-hr Radio Shows aired over 50,000 watt AM Stations – Jim Condit Jr. for Congress or Dr. Kiumars Kiani (Dr. Q) for Congress


Section 21: Other Vital Issues

a) Pro-Life vs. Abortion




Section 22: Astounding Facts (Coming soon)