Trump Congress Computer Votefraud Video to be posted any Minute

It’s 6:29 am est, September 7, 2018 and our first radio ad is going to be airing on WKRC and WLW any minute, right below is that radio ad for you to hear — but check back in a few minutes to an hour for my Video on this 2018 Congressional campaign and how the Deep State is planning to use COMPUTER ELECTION FRAUD — switching votes inside the computers — to put the Democrats in charge of the House or the Senate or both.

Through my campaign and my campaign ads you can be a part of history and try to alert President Trump and top Republicans like Cong. Marsha Blackburn, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Louie Gohmert and Thomas Massie — to bring up the computer votefraud issue and start suing the brain-dead Secretaries of State (all 50 States) and 96% of our brain dead County Boards of Election for running illegal, unverifiable computerized elections on secret computer programs owned by one of three companies: ES &S, Hart and Dominion (formerly Diebold).

If Lt. Columbo, Sherlock Holmes, and Jim Rockford were real, the first thing they would say is: “Let’s investigate these three mega-election-vendor companies. WHO are these three companies and how did they get such a stranglehold over the US election system?”

Everyone — and President Trump should go to and read the first article at the top of the home page (which includes 7 short audios to further explain the issue and the problem). There are HEAVY attempts to attack this website, — in these past few weeks.

Here is the radio ad we are running on September 7 and 8, 2018 on WLW and WKRC talk radio:


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