Action Plan

The Precinct Strategy to overthrow the Democratic and Republican COUNTY leadership in every county, peacefully and constitutionally, – because the Democratic and Republican Parties control the White House, the US Congress, all 50 state governments, and all 3141 counties in the USA. Mechanism is set up at — go there and look at six minute video, join by your state and county, and make your voice heard in the your state and county! The hard core group within, where I am looking to find State and County leaders is the group in called “TeamTraficant” after the late, great Congressman, the Hon. Jim Traficant

— Restore the “necessary” Well-Regulated Militia in 2nd Amendment — Constitutional scholar Dr. Edwin Vieira has written many articles and several books on how to restore the well-regulated militia as defined and called NECESSARY TO A FREE STATE in the 2nd Amendment. The well-regulated Militia, consisting of all able-bodied men between 18 and 45 in colonial times, was constituted under the Governor of the State and a county leader. The Well-Regulated Militia can be reconstituted quickly once Americans take back their government using the Precinct Strategy via Or maybe there’s enough patriotic state representatives in the various states to do it right now. A good nationwide network of Alert Citizens organized by state, county, and precinct would guarantee the other freedoms in the Constitution.

Restore Honest Elections: Once a county is in the hands of constitutionally-minded Americans, restore honest voting, i.e., the hand-counting of paper ballots, at the neighborhood polling place, by neighborhood voters, in full public view, right as the polls close, BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight, with all scrutineers signing the results sheet for the ballots they counted, and all Judges signing the tally sheets for all the scrutineers (counters) in that neighborhood precinct, with the official results posted on the wall of the neighborhood polling place for three days after election day. Each campaign should make it their business to make sure that the county Board of Elections adds up the results from all the neighborhood precincts CORRECTLY. Decisions on HOW TO COUNT THE BALLOTS is made at the COUNTY level.

Restore a Constitutionally-minded Congress: Once the majority of the counties are in the hands of Constitutionally-minded Americans, Congress can be changed to constitutionally-minded Congressmen, and all unconstitutional laws can be repealed, and unconstitutional programs can be ended in just a few months.

Impeach and remove all unconstitutional Judges: Once we have a constitutionally-minded Congress, the Congress can begin the process to impeach unconstitutional judges from the Supreme Court to the federal level to the local level, and then a constitutionally-minded President can appoint new, constitutionally-minded Judges.

Your Can Make Your Voice — and Make Your Influence Count — Right there from your computer!

If 3000 grassroots Americans only realized how we could change the nation if each of 3000 people would commit $10 a month as a recurring donation to “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress. Here’s something I wrote on the resources and $$$ needed to change the nation. — I hate to ask for money for anything, but if I don’t outline the parameters of what it needed, I can’t expect those interested to respond:

3000 of you good people committing $10 a month would actually help my congressional campaign change the country. We have the entire plan set up at and via the Reasonable Access Law.

There are easily 30,000 people, let alone 3000 people, who can afford $10 a month if they could see what could happen, and that they wouldn’t be wasting their money.

Of course, for the sake of this election cycle, the faster way would be 120 donors at $2500 each (the maximum donation per person), or 60 husband and wife teams donation $5000 each (that’s $2500 for the husband and $2500 the wife), or 300 people x $1000.

With about $300,000 behind the plan, we could reach ten to 20 million people via radio ads. We’ve generally have reached 300,000 people at least once in any election cycle – with our radio ads using the Reasonable Access Law. With $300,000 we could also hire full time organizer for so that we could find/contact the state and county leaders needed to begin face-to-face meetings of activists in each county, and get ready to challenge the Dems and Repubs for control of each county in the nation. (See Plan above on this page.)

Of course one time donations of any size are most welcome and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. But I have to lay down the parameters of the amount of money that would be EFFECTIVE to reach the public via radio ads AND organize enough Americans at the precinct level to launch a peaceful and constitutional take-back of the USA at the county, state, and national level. There is no other comprehensive plan even being offered by anyone else in the public arena.

Thanks. – Jim Condit Jr.

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For those whose ideas are shut out by the traitors who run the “mainstream media” — the only affordable way to reach millions of people is to become or support a federal candidate (for US Congress, US Senate, President), raise or donate money for a candidate promoting your ideas, and buy or help your candidate buy radio ads on the largest FCC-licensed AM & FM Talk Radio Stations. Every radio ad ends with an easy to remember website, through which listeners can find a whole new world of information.

For more information about how this works if you become a candidate, see our Reasonable Access Law page.

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