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The Eclipse of the Church – The hi-jacked conclave: The White Smoke of October 26, 1958 website details the hi-jacking of the Vatican and the structures of the Roman Catholic Church at the 1958 conclave, inaugurating the Eclipse of the Church, long prophesied by weighty Catholic authorities, scholars, and holy persons:

Visit: (Read especially the Introduction and the top 7 articles linked at the top of the home page by Mr. Gary Giuffre)

Possible resolution of the hi-jacking of the Vatican at the 1958 conclave and the resulting Eclipse of the Church:


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— The White Smoke of October 26, 1958
— Pope Pius XII and Cardinal Siri, circa 1955


Coming Soon –The last three links in this section are the mp3 audios of the three 1-hr interviews which Jim Condit Jr. did with Judith Sharpe on “The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation” in May and June of 2014. These links will be working soon so you can access these audios for free.  We hope to get these three 1 hr+ interviews up on youtube soon as well — where you will also be able to access these audios for free.


For now, you also have the option to buy a CD of each interview for $11 each (includes shipping), or the mp3 audio for each interview for immediate download for $5 each, at this link: – Scroll down until you see “Exploring the Siri Thesis and the Eclipse of the Church” Parts I, II, and III — or hit “control-find” and type “Siri” in the box that pops up, usually in the upper left hand column — this will highlight the first of these three interviews which are #7, #8, and #9 interviews under Jim Condit Jr. You can purchase these mp3s for about $5 each, or an actual CD for $11 each.


Coming Soon ** As stated above, you will soon be able to listen to this updated series, “The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation, Parts I, II and III) for free at the following links. For now, Please allow a few minutes for each audio to open in a new window:

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Part I — The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation – Part I – (74 minutes) 
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Part II — The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation – Part 2 – (75 minutes)
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Part III — The Eclipse of the Church and the Siri Investigation – Part 3 – (79 minutes)
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More on the Crisis in the Church:



The Eclipse of the Church: “The Church will be in eclipse; the world will be in dismay.” Our Lady of Lasallette, 1846: (also link to top articles by Mr. Gary Giuffre on the crisis in the Church and the Siri Investigation)

There are several VERY irresponsible websites on the Crisis in the Church which steal information from the above websites, while also making absurd and false claims as well as offering ridiculous analysis. The above websites are the “Gold Standard” now available against which you should check information on the Eclipse of the Church with regard to the Siri Investigation.


My best guess-timate on the shape of things to come: disintegration of church and state; chastisement; three days of darkness; then the Period of Peace.

Letter to my brothers and sisters:


Mr. Gerry Matatics — the website of Biblical Foundations International and Mr. Gerry Matatics (one of the foremost authorities on the crisis in the structures of the Catholic Church since 1958 and on true Catholic History; a walking Encyclopedia, and a man with the courage of his convictions, who has repeatedly taken position after position that has severely cost him income); Gerry is a good friend and someone I admire a lot. However, at the present time I do not agree with his take on the necessity of ordinary jurisdiction for priests and bishops to operate day to day in the current crisis, when the Vatican has been taken over by the enemies of the Church. Check back for my booklet on this subject (Coming Soon).


Our Lady of Fatima

(The following two publications do excellent work on Fatima and many aspects of the crisis in the structures of the Catholic Church; however, we do not agree with their position that the “Vatican II Popes” are real popes. Rather, we believe that “Vatican II Popes” John XXIII (Roncalli) 1958-1963; Paul VI (Montini) 1963-1978; John Paul I (Luciani) 1978-1978; John Paul II (Woytila) 1978-2005; and Benedict XVI (Ratzinger) 2005-? — must be anti-popes because of their contradiction of previous true Popes in regards to the Church’s infallible “ordinary and universal magisterium”, i.e., the Mass, the sacraments, canon law, the canonization of saints, and the daily life of the Church.. Our reasoning is give here: — and the background for which is explained further in the five articles listed here:  and at:  ) — The website of Catholic Family News monthly newspaper – website of the Fatima Crusader, quarterly magazine



Heaven’s Key to Peace Video (60 min) at – about the miracle of the sun in 1917 at Fatima, Portugal , witnessed by 70,000 people and a skeptical press – and its significance today. This is the best video yet produced on Our Lady of Fatima. The first 30 minutes or so are excellent, the last 60 minutes have many good parts, but we disagree with the view in the film that the “Vatican II Popes” are true Popes. In our view, going to these anti-Popes to get the Consecration of Russia done is futile, because they are not true Popes.