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IF YOU LISTENED TO THE Sunday Night APRIL 25th RADIO SHOW ON WKRC-AM or at 55krc.com on the internet — about the Mortgage/Foreclosure crisis — here is enough information to get you pointed in the right direction if you are trying to fight foreclosure and getting kicked out of your home.

We strongly recommend this website for a good basis of understanding WHY you are on sound ground to defend your home by demanding in court that the party that filed against you for foreclosure — has the standing to do so. This strategy (especially in Ohio, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Maryland, is open to you even if (or especially if) you have already been sued for foreclosure:


The short hand answer:

* if you are in Ohio (each state’s rules are different, see websites cited below)

*  and if you have recently been sued for foreclosure

* and if your title at the county courthouse has a DIFFERENT lender on it than the entity suing you for foreclosure (which is probably the case if you got your loan in the last 10 years, because your home has been sold numerous times, and some lenders have committed countless crimes, — in what some, such as former Wall Street Attorney Neil Garfield of the Living Lies website, are calling (paraphrase) “an unconscionable scam of unimaginable proportions which has been perpetrated against American home owners by Pretender Lenders.”)

* answer that you deny that the entity suing you for foreclosure has the right to do so — and ask them to PRODUCE THE NOTE (the ORIGINAL promissory note and the deed of trust, not a copy).

* In all likelihood, they will NOT be able to do so. This will at least allow you to stay in your home for months longer, or years longer — but, if you fight to the finish, some are winning their home free and clear due to the crimes that have been committed by many corporations in the mortgage industry over the last decade. (If the law applies to Johnny Jones and Suzie Smith on main street, it applies to Freddie Mac and Fannie May on Wall Street.)

* This is not an easy fight, but it’s better than being kicked out of your home by an entity that has no right to sue you for foreclosure. I highly recommend that you get a lawyer to help you, or a competent lay litigator (which is hard to find) to advise you — on how to file the papers in court properly, so you are not disqualified on a technicality.


Please do NOT take the above or below information on fighting foreclosure as legal advice in your case, as it is for general educational purposes only — to point you in the right direction. IF you have already been sued for foreclosure, and if you verify that the Lender suing you is not on YOUR title at your county courthouse, then your best bet is probably to file something — even if you file it yourself — to demand that the Lending Institution trying to kick you out of your home produce the note (your deed of trust and promissory note) — as you have nothing to lose. However, this is a general direction. The Pretender Lenders usually have nothing — but they will try to disqualify you on a technicality. That’s why you need to try and find competent legal advice from a lawyer who will fight for you, — or from a knowledgeable person who can advise you how you can fight for yourself as a “pro se” or “do it yourself” litigant, if you can’t afford or find a lawyer. As a minimum, this tactic gives you a chance to stay in your house for months or years longer — so you can have more time to get your life together.


Websites you might consult are:

www.YourRemedyIsInTheLaw.com and

* http://livinglies.wordpress.com/ (has suggested foreclosure defense forms on home page, but again, consult a lawyer or competent legal help about your specific case)

http://www.homeownersjustice.com/ — practical help will be up on this website soon.


Here are a few YouTubes to watch on making the lender “Produce the Note”. However, I am not recommending, as most YouTube videos on this subject do, that you re-negotiate your loan. I’m recommending that you look into demanding . . .




Max Keiser and his weekly guests on:

The episode which aired around May 2, 2010 — is a 30 minute interview with David DeGraw, author of “The Economic Elite vs the People of the United States of America”. (Many excellent past shows are in the archives at the Max Keiser website.