Donate for What? Explanation

Donate for What? Explanation

There is no place your contribution can do more good in this 2016 Presidential year than with Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2016. Why? Because my campaign is the only operation of any kind in the USA with an overall strategy and plan to take back the country. Of course, we are using the Reasonable Access Law through my congressional campaign to reach millions through the public airwaves of the largest FCC-licensed Talk Radio Stations. We reach those who still trust the Big Media right in the middle of the Rush Limbaugh and the Sean Hannity shows, as people are driving back and forth to work, or running errands.

Even if an independent thinking President wins the Presidency, he will not succeed without the strategy publicized through the “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2016” campaign.

Such a President would need to lead everyday citizens to implement the Precinct Strategy and replace the brain-dead precinct executives in every county with alert pro-Constitution Americans. We have erected where — THIS WEEK — 400,000 Americans COULD come in, sign up, and start organizing behind their county and state leaders.

If we attract 3000 people donating $10 per month, we will hire a talented full time person to help hundreds of thousands of Americans sign up in Then the people in each county can organize person-to-person and overthrow and replace the Republican and Democratic County Chairman, and the executive board of each party, in each county – via the Precinct Strategy. But whose even talking about this in public? Certainly not any of the Presidential candidates — and in the case of Donald Trump, for instance, it probably hasn’t even hit his radar yet.

To be effective, a President must know how to fix the money system in our country. I honestly believe that none of the Presidential candidates or Presidents in our lifetime have had a clue as to how to fix the economy. We do. See the Documentation on American National Credit (called Social Credit in other countries) in the documentation section of

(Tens of thousands of people are donating to their favorite Presidential candidate, but only you and a relatively others even know about my campaign. About 3000 people behind this campaign — can change the country.)

Become part of my team and we will change America this year by getting massive information to the general public over the largest talk radio stations in the country, and Social Media, teaching them how to organize via the Precinct Strategy. Once we take over the Republican and Democratic parties at the county level, then transparent, honest elections can be restored in each county. Then Congress can be changed, an honest money system can be implemented, all the unconstitutional laws can be repealed, and all the anti-Constitution judges at all levels can be impeached. With honest vote counts, all the subversive, traitorous, and brain-dead office holders can be recalled, or defeated in the next election.

There is no other comprehensive strategy in America to take back the country.

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