Computer Election Fraud: GREAT Danger to Our Future

Short 3 1/2 minute audio as a guide to this page:

I suggest you read this whole page, which is not that long, but –if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read, watch/listen to the 51 minute video immediately below, “My Encounter with Trump on Computer Election Fraud”, which was done live on 55KRC (550 AM) radio on April 29, 2018. This show covers the entire computer election fraud issue AND the solution, as well as my best educated guesstimate as to why the “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” stood down and let the Trump victory stand in 2016. Another video further down on this page, “40 Seconds to Victory for Trump” was made a few weeks before the 2016 Presidential Election, and is still super-relevant today for the 2018 mid-term elections, but somewhat repetitive of the “My Encounter with Trump” video.

The above video includes my encounter with candidate Trump in Iowa in early 2016, what happened on Election Night 2016 and my best guesstimate as to why the Deep State stood down and let the Trump victory stand, and a comprehensive overview of the current illegal, deplorable “elections” being held in the USA (with the exception of five counties in New Hampshire and perhaps a few other very small towns), the Election Night Gatekeepers which are responsible for these treasonous / subversive election crimes, and what happens to your vote from the time you vote until the announce the election results on TV that night.

This 34 minute video, immediately above, is still super-relevant to the 2018 Midterm Elections. It is somewhat repetitive of the “My Encounter with Trump” video.

The Republicans are in GREAT DANGER of losing the Congress by computer election fraud. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is also in tremendous danger of being computer-frauded out of her victory in the Senate race in Tennessee, as are other Republican Senate candidates and congressional candidates, such as Congressman Steve Chabot from Cincinnati, Ohio (Chabot was already computer vote-frauded in 2008 when the “Deep State” needed democratic Congressmen in Washington D.C. to pass Obamacare – the seed for socialized medicine and eventual life and death panels –into law. — Chabot was up like 52% to 48% over the Democrat Driehaus at 12:45 AM on election night, the computers broke down, and when they came up about 45 minutes later Chabot was “losing” 51% to 49%, and that’s the way it stayed. This probably happened to about 60 other Republican congressional candidates that year so that the “Deep State” could get Obamacare passed.) The outrage is that they take the ballots away from us before the ballots are counted.

Since we — again — not going to get an open vote count this time, President Trump, Marsha Blackburn and the Freedom Caucus must announce loudly that they are going to want to see the ballots AND the ballot images the day after the election if they don’t like the results. This public announcement may prevent the three big Mega-Vendors from stealing the elections from the Republicans for Congress, and from Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee, because these sinister mega-Election-Vendors (ES &S, Hart, Dominion) will not want the danger of total ruin and jail — if they are subjected to a lot of publicity and noisy lawsuits. It is this noisy objection and implied threat of lawsuits in the 3rd Presidential debate with Hillary, when answering a question from Chris Wallace of Fox, that I believed caused the “Deep State” which controls the 3 big Mega-Election Vendors to stand down and let the Trump victory stand in 2016. This is explained in the above video, “My Encounter with Trump . . .”.

PAPER BALLOTS ARE USELESS IF THEY ARE TAKEN AWAY FROM US THE MINUTE WE VOTE, usually never to be seen again. The only solution is hand-counted paper ballots at the local polling place BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.

The immediate danger is that the Republicans will win the US House of Representatives AND the Senate in reality, but will “lose” the House and / or the Senate in a falsified published computer count. In other words, computer results will be published, but will be FAKE results. How this is possible in our current deplorable election system is explained in both of the videos at the top of this page, and at the websites below.

The realities of voting in the USA are so bad that I can hardly be surprised when many people can’t believe it at first sight. Three sinister, mega-election vendors, Election Systems & Software, (ES &S), Hart Intercivic, and Dominion (formerly Diebold) process 99% of our vote. 3000 of our 3141 counties in the USA hire one of these three companies. All the Secretaries of State and local election officials sign contracts that they will NOT look at the software that tells the computers what to do on election night. (!!!) — And they the ballots are taken away from the people never to be seen again in a timely manner. And — when key elections are challenged, the Boards of Elections are illegally destroying the ballot images, and sometimes the ballots. In Austin, Texas in a 2014

It’s this simple: honest vote counting ALWAYS involves hand-counted paper ballots BEFORE the ballots leave the public view. These ballots in a ballot box (preferably clear plastic) must be kept in public view all day and hand-counted by human beings at the local polling place where you and your neighbors vote. Any system which veers from this standard AT ALL — is a crooked system designed by crooks for crooks.

An entire, exhaustive explanation of how votes must be counted can be found at the top of, the second item at the top of the home at that website, which is the Watch The Vote USA report to President Trump’s (now ended) Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

While the evil Big Media has covered up this question for 45 years since around the time when computers were introduced into US elections, it is, in the natural order, the most important question in the USA if we are going to use elections to elect our leaders who control so much of the nation’s destiny and future. — first article on home page to see which company processes the votes in each county. where you can read in detail how votes MUST be counted. — Bev Harris’s excellent website. Get “Hacking Democracy” documentary video from Amazon for about $19 and show it to everyone you can reach.