Circumcision Summary for Modern Mothers and Fathers

Our advice:

Do not let anyone mutilate your new-born baby boy through modern circumcision.

We include this page for a short, tasteful treatment of this incredibly important subject.

This subject concerns EVERYONE. The male body parts were put there by God for, among other reasons, the woman in marriage.

Before getting to the health reasons against circumcision, it may surprise many that Circumcision has been condemned by the Catholic Church for 2000 years, both for spiritual reasons, but ALSO FOR HEALTH REASONS. The spiritual reason is that to knowingly practice circumcision as if Christ had not come, as if mankind was still under the Old Covenant, is objectively a mortal sin. Circumcision was imposed on the Jews in the Old Testament, some say as a punishment for not being faithful enough to keeping the Hebrew bloodline pure for the eventual birth of Christ, — but we’ve never seen any authoritative source for this “punishment” idea concerning circumcision in the Old Testament.

But the MODERN REASONS advanced in the United States of America since about 1945 in favor of circumcision for your new-born baby boy are BOGUS “health concerns”. While what anti-circumcision advocates call “intact” boys and men need to be a bit more attentive to cleaning the area, isn’t this the case with many parts of the body?

Furthermore, no part of the body is to be removed UNLESS IT IS DISEASED. In 1952, Pope Pius XII reiterated this teaching, and there was also a Vatican statement in 2002 saying the same thing. There were many authoritative condemnations of circumcision throughout Church history, all saying the same thing.

The rise of circumcision in the United States of America since 1945 is due to another aggression of the Jewish Shadow Government, this time through its creature, the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA was hi-jacked by Rothschild-funded agent, Morris Fishbein, circa 1925. See: about this moral monster and enemy of mankind, Morris Fishbein.

ONLY in the United States and Israel is circumcision practiced on an wide scale, although this is slowly changing in the United States as people wake up. It is shameful that non-Jewish Doctors, as well as Catholic prelates and priests, did not immediately thunder against the bogus health reasons put forth in favor of circumcision by such anti-Christ Jews as Alan Guttmacher and his totally evil Guttmacher Institute immediately after World War II.

If American men, and married women, realized, with full impact, both emotionally and intellectually, what had been stolen from them, against their will, when the new-born baby boys were circumcised over the last 70 years in the USA, then there would be a breakout of what the Jewish Elites call “anti-Semitism” like has never been seen in the United States of America. (Anti-Semitism is what the Jewish Elites scream at the top of their lungs when someone has uncovered their crimes and aggressions against mankind. Don’t fall for this tactic, i.e., the victimizers and agressors claiming that THEY are the victims. Ha!)

Primarily, circumcision ruins the natural fulfillment that the woman is meant to experience in the marriage act, especially as wives get older such as into their fifties and sixties.

Circumcision today is MUCH MORE DRASTIC than in Old Testament times, at least according to some entries on While in Old Testament times circumcision was a comparatively small snip off the foreskin, TODAY the entire foreskin is removed, ALL 14,000 nerves, sometimes with a hideous machine ominously called the Gomco Clamp.

When the hospital asks if you want a picture of your newborn baby boy, tell them you ALSO want a video of your baby boy being STRAPPED DOWN, mutilated by modern-day circumcision, and then screaming helplessly at the top of his lungs, often going into shock.

Here are two pictures of baby boys in the circumcision process, one just before the operation, and one during the operation.

circumcision_chair_ForNewbornBoys                                    circumcision_babyCrying

In the above pictures, the “patient” cannot understand, consent, refuse or escape.


Also, in many cases, one of these diabolical Rabbis is present to do an unspeakable act on the new-born baby boy. We’ll let the reader do his or her own research on this aspect of some circumcisions, because this is a TASTEFUL page on circumcision.

And don’t believe the new claim, as awareness grows of this modern-day barbaric procedure, that the baby boy is sufficiently anesthetized for the circumcision mutilation.

DO NOT LET THE DUPES OR SADISTS at any hospital, or anywhere else, circumcise your baby boy.