The Action Plan – Three Strategies

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To: Nick Fuentes and Friends of Truth & Liberty
Re: The Action Plan to take back the country (See Videos Below)
From: Jim Condit Jr.
Date: 02/25/22

  • Jim Condit Jr. has been fighting the evil Shadow Government since learning about it as an alternate delegate at the age of 19 at the 1972 GOP Presidential Convention (the Nixon Convention) – and he has been fighting for America ever since;
  • Jim discovered The Action Plan – Three Strategies we need to implement in order to take back the county:

1. The Precinct Strategy to take over the Republican AND Democratic Parties in our nearly 3,200 counties in the USA – because these two parties run every county, every state, and the Federal Government.

See Precinct strategy presentation by Jim Condit Jr. filmed at The Farm in Cincinnati, OH November 2021 with slides from the 40-minute mark to the 114.22-minute mark – which amounts to 34-minutes:

Also see precinct interview with attorney Dan Schultz on War Room (15-minutes) below:

2. Open vote count (no more easily-rigged secret computer counts) – for all you need to know about restoring honest, transparent election; listen below to “My Encounter with Trump on Computer Election Fraud” 51-minute radio show, which is also listed on the right-side column at — and also check out the 9-page letter “Emergency Memo To Trump” linked near the top of the Home Page. You’ll have access to 50 years of research in 20 minutes on how our election system has been stolen by three sinister mega-corporations like: ES&S, HART & DOMINION. The solution is simple – we need Paper Ballots, Counted by Hand in Public, BEFORE they leave the public’s sight!

3. The Reasonable Access Law – how Jim Condit has FORCED the major FCC-licensed radio and TV stations to run his ads over the last 20 years (which they don’t want to run). Ads include Thomas Jefferson’s great quote on watering the tree of liberty, and how the anti-American Jewish Banksters (Fed, Goldman Sachs) ORGANIZED NETWORK controls every major TV and Radio station in the USA (we always make clear we are NOT attacking the Jewish Population as a whole, but the organized Jewish run Bankster Network at the top who controls all these media outlets, and so much else.

  • YOU can run for congress and put any message you want on FCC-licensed TV and radio stations using the Reasonable Access law (as long as you can pay for the Ads). This is why this strategy is so very important.
  • Below are just three radio ads Jim Condit Jr. has run in past election years, and he is about to run even more effective radio ads imminently in April 2022. PLEASE go to his campaign website,, and help Jim Condit Jr. run these ads with saturation impact in April, 2022 – one month away!

Begin Radio Ad 1:

Go to @RealDonaldTrump on Twitter to see the mind-blowing crowds. Meanwhile Democrats can’t fill the foyer to a Pizza Hut. These massive Trump crowds are the real polls, not the fake lying polls put out by the Big TV networks, all controlled by Billionaire Communist-promoting Jews. These same anti-American billionaire Communist Jews, like George Soros, also direct the three Computer Election Vendors which have connived their way into “counting” 95%+ of our votes on their secret computer programs – with no effective checks and balances. Since they can’t confiscate our guns, they fix close elections if they think they can get away with it.  If they DARE to publish computer results that Pelosi democrats win congress in 2018 –, you will know it is blatant computer election fraud. See you Sunday night at 10 PM on 55krc. – paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.

Radio Ad 2:

Music… That’s what you’ll hear this Sunday Night at 10 PM on 55KRC. The Beat Down on White people and White Civilization by the Media Jews who control every major TV and Radio station in the USA, has gone on for years.  Enough is enough. Join me and my guest, Pete Papaheracles, co-author of the book, America’s Racial Powder keg, this Sunday Night at 10 on 55krc. Barack Obama once said: “Let’s Have a conversation about race.” Pat Buchanan answered: “Let’s make it a TWO way conversation this time.” While none of us chose what race we were born into, all are entitled to a reasonable pride in their group. White men have given mankind 95% plus of all major inventions, the rule of law, and really civilization as we know it. I’m Jim Condit Jr. running for Congress, and I approve this message. See you at 10 PM on 55krc this Sunday night, and go to

Radio Ad 3:

Thomas Jefferson said the Tree of Liberty must be watered periodically with the blood of tyrants. When would the Founding Fathers approve MODERN day Americans using the 2nd Amendment against leaders who’ve become tyrants? If they try to take our guns? Clearly. If they try to withhold food to make us trade our guns to feed our children? Certainly. If they come to give us Bill Gates’ style FORCED vaccinations with horrible, even deadly, side effects. Absolutely.

The Founding Fathers gave us the second amendment NOT primarily to shoot bears, but to shoot congressmen and Governors when they become globalist tyrants. Or is this too much freedom of speech for some of you?

Sheriffs, police, military – you took an oath to defend the Constitution, which includes our first amendment right to PEACEABLY assemble in businesses and restaurants. The next time Governors like Beshear and Dewine Issue one of their illegal Communist edicts, arrest THEM, not my barber or Suzie’s hairdresser.   – END OF RADIO ADS

Go to and donate to help him run ads, like the ones above, in April, 2022 – Only 30 days away. Hear actual radio ads and shows linked at the top and check out The Action Plan!

Then, as soon as you can, run for Congress yourself & run whatever ads you think Americans need to hear.

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